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Two $100M Lawsuits Filed in Oxford School Shooting

The filing comes from the family of a 17-year-old victim

The parents of one of the Oxford High School shooting victims, a 17-year-old girl who was shot in the neck, filed a pair of lawsuits seeking $100 million each against the Michigan school district. 

The lawsuits were filed in federal court in Detroit and Oakland County Circuit Court by Jeffrey and Brandi Franz on behalf of their daughters, Riley, a senior who was wounded Nov. 30, and her sister Bella, a 14-year-old ninth grader who was next to her at the time she was shot. The suits were filed by attorney Geoffrey Fieger.

The Franz parents held a news conference with Fieger in his Southfield offices on Thursday.

“There’s a responsibility that our society shares in protecting our children,” Fieger said. “There is a responsibility among teachers, counselors and school administrators who could easily have prevented and stopped this slaughter.”

Jeffrey Franz appeared stoic as their lawyer accused school officials and staff at Oxford High of not doing enough to prevent the shooting and protect students. The parents did not directly address reporters during the conference.

The lawsuits are the first known suits filed in connection with the Michigan shooting. Named in the suits are the Oxford school district, Superintendent Tim Throne, Oxford High School principal Steven Wolf, two counselors, two teachers and a staff member.

Ten students and a teacher were shot at the school in Oxford Township, an area just north of Detroit.

Ethan Crumbley, a 15-year-old sophomore at the school, was arrested at the school and has been charged as an adult with murder, terrorism and other crimes. His parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley, were later charged with involuntary manslaughter and arrested.

Some lawyers have expressed doubt that the school district could be successfully sued for letting Crumbley stay in school, reasoning that Michigan law sets a high bar to wring liability out of public schools and other arms of government.

The lawsuit alleges civil rights violations under the 14th Amendment and also said the school district “knew or should have known that the policies, procedures, training supervision and discipline” provided to staff members named in the suit “were inadequate for the tasks that each defendant was required to perform.”

Riley Franz was hospitalized after the shooting and is now recovering at home.

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2 responses to “Two $100M Lawsuits Filed in Oxford School Shooting”

  1. Devilsgun says:

    Good. The impotent do-nothing school “authorities” needs to get royally and publicly fucked to set an example to the other petty educational tyrants that lay about inactive while children suffer.

    Publically funded schooling, as an institution, needs to be abolished in favor of choice-based educational options that reward innovation, effectiveness, and which don’t simply cull the ends of the Bell Curve in favor of getting mediocre results (at best) for the C-student middle… We’re going to need to do better than just creating a non-thinking herd of what George Carlin called “Obedient Workers” if we’re going to survive the coming shit-show that the greedy Urban Coastal Parasite Class has foisted upon us all.

  2. CivilLib says:

    It does seem like the school should be charged with some of the same as the parents from the prosecutor based on what the state said. They also could’ve asked to check the bag (they didn’t) or made him leave (they didn’t and just suggested it) which are two things the prosecution blames the parents for.

    When I think about it too why weren’t the police involved? When a school gets a bomb threat they call in police to make sure it’s safe and validate if there is a real threat. Here we have a note so clear and disturbing, litterally asking for help, to the point that the school demands him to be in counciling in 48 hours. And when you think about it shootings seem more prevalent than bombings? I dunno, could be the schools refusing to call police in many cases (like the school refusing to get the police involved with secual assaults covering it up).

    I think they will end up with a payout right or not. Because no one wants to fight victims of a school shooting attack.