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Twitter Servers Reportedly Down Worldwide

'Users also reported Facebook and Instagram Servers Were Similarly Down'

Twitter’s server is reportedly down for users worldwide.

Users reported trouble loading direct messages and notifications along with receiving messages from the platform, stating their accounts had reached their daily limit for sending tweets when users attempted to post or retweet. However, the platform’s “like” feature appears to be functioning.

IBC Group founder and CEO Mario Nawfal reported finding a workaround for users experiencing outages on the platform.

“Want a small hack to still tweet despite the current crash on Twitter?” Nawfal said, noting “scheduling” tweets appeared to be successful in sharing users’ posts.

“This is how I am currently tweeting,” Nawfal reported.

Down Detector shows a spike in users reporting issues loading the site around 4 p.m. ET.

Users reported other social media sites, including Meta affiliates Facebook, Instagram, were also down similar to Twitter, though others reported experiencing no issues on the platforms.

Other websites and services including Fox News, Tweetdeck, Runescape, and the McDonalds app also appeared to experience issues around the same time frame.

Neither Twitter owner Elon Musk or Meta owner Mark Zuckerburg have addressed the outage as of early Wednesday evening.

In January, podcaster and political commentator Dave Rubin visited Musk at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters regarding inconsistent engagement and visibility on the platform.

The tech billionaire reportedly said Twitter was “a fractal rube Goldberg machine” referring to the platform as a chain reaction-type machine designed to perform simple tasks in impractical and complicated ways. Musk further likened the platform to a Jenga tower.

“One wrong move the whole thing collapses,” Rubin said. “They’re working nonstop, and both times I met him were after midnight.”

Musk further referred to the platform’s code as a “flaming dumpster rolling down the street,” suggesting the code my need to be “torn down” and rebuilt “from scratch.”

It is unclear if Twitter’s server outage is related to changes to the platform’s complex code.

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