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Twitter Rebrands As 'X'

Elon Musk: 'Not Sure What Subtle Clues Gave It Away, But I Like The Letter X'

Elon Musk and newly appointed CEO Linda Yaccarino announced Twitter’s rebrand to “X” over the weekend.

Musk, who has previously teased the X rebrand, shared a series of seemingly cryptic posts on Saturday writing “Paint It Black,” and polling users if the default platform color should be white or black on Saturday.

Shortly afterwards, Musk confirmed the rebrand.

“Soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” he said,.

The tech mogul requested logo submissions from users saying “if a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make go live worldwide tomorrow.”

Musk shared an example image with the old Twitter logo saying, “like this, but X.”

Musk, who also heads Tesla, jokingly shared a picture of the car company’s “Tesla X” brand saying, “Not sure what subtle clues gave it away, but I like the letter X.”

On Sunday afternoon, Musk announced would redirect users to

“Interim X logo goes live later today,” he revealed.

Yaccarino commented on the X rebrand Saturday evening.

“It’s an exceptionally rare thing — in life or in business — that you get a second chance to make another big impression,” she wrote in a thread. “Twitter made one massive impression and changed the way we communicate. Now, X will go further, transforming the global town square.”

“X is the future state of unlimited interactivity — centered in audio, video, messaging, payments/banking — creating a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities,” she continued. “Powered by AI, X will connect us all in ways we’re just beginning to imagine.”

“For years, fans and critics alike have pushed Twitter to dream bigger, to innovate faster, and to fulfill our great potential. X will do that and more,” she continued. “We’ve already started to see X take shape over the past 8 months through our rapid feature launches, but we’re just getting started.”

There’s absolutely no limit to this transformation. X will be the platform that can deliver, well….everything,” she concluded. “Elon Musk and I are looking forward to working with our teams and every single one of our partners to bring X to the world.”

Yaccarino shared X’s new logo shortly after.

“X is here! Let’s do this!”

Musk shared an image of the social media platform’s San Francisco, California headquarters with the company’s new “X” logo

After Musk’s acquisition of Twitter in October, the tech billionaire detailed his plans for Twitter to become an “everything app” incorporating audio, video, and commerce, among other functions.

“If you’re in China, you kind of live on WeChat,” Musk previoulsy said of the Chinese app. “It does everything — sort of like Twitter, plus PayPal, plus a whole bunch of things, and all rolled into one, with a great interface.”

“It’s really an excellent app, and we don’t have anything like that outside of China,” he continued, per Business Insider. “I think if we could achieve that, or even close to that with Twitter, it would be an immense success.”

As of Monday afternoon, X, formerly known as Twitter, features the new logo on it’s desktop site.

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