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Tulsi Gabbard: Hillary Clinton 'Undermined Our Democracy' and Must Be 'Held Accountable' (VIDEO)

Former Democrat Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has called for Hillary Clinton to be “held accountable” for “undermining our democracy” by allegedly spying on then-President Donald Trump.

Gabbard’s brutal takedown took place during an appearance on Fox News, which the former representative tweeted with additional commentary.

Last week it was revealed that special counsel John Durham alleged in a court filing that Clinton’s campaign hired a tech company to “infiltrate” Trump’s computer servers and to spy on him both during his campaign and after he became president. Their goal, according to Durham, was to infiltrate computer servers at Trump Tower and the White House in order to create a “narrative” linking Trump to Russia.

Durham also found that there was no basis for claims that Trump had been working with the Kremlin to win the election.

“The Durham investigation makes clear that Hillary Clinton and the power elite spied on the Trump campaign and White House, undermining our democracy, launching us into a new Cold War, endangering America and the world. Clinton and her warmongers must be held accountable,” Gabbard tweeted with a clip of her Fox News appearance discussing the matter.

Gabbard also tweeted that “the Durham investigation has shown that the biggest threat to our democracy is not some foreign country, but rather the Power Elite led by the likes of Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators in the mainstream media & security states who work to undermine our democracy from within.”

Speaking to Jesse Waters on Fox News, Gabbard said “the damage that they did to the American people, our democracy and others around the world is immeasurable.”

“It leads us to this point where we sit today, where we have people who were integral in making this happen, people like [National Security Advisor] Jake Sullivan, shaping our country’s foreign policy,” Gabbard continued, noting that Sullivan was one of the “key voices” in “propagating this lie to the American people.”

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