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Trump Waives Georgia Arraignment Appearance, Enters 'Not Guilty' Plea

The Former President Has Appeared For His Previous Three Arraignments, Two Of Which Are Federal Indictments, In New York, Florida, And Washington D.C.

Former President Donald Trump has waived his right to appear during his arraignment next week along with entering a “not guilty” plea in his Indictment by Fulton County, Georgia district attorney Fani Willis.

Trump’s arraignment in Georgia is scheduled for Sept. 6. The former President has appeared for his previous three arraignments, two of which are federal indictments, in New York, Florida, and Washington D.C.

According to CNN, fellow indicted attorneys Sidney Powell and Trevian Kutti have waived their arraignment appearances. Ray Smith, also indicted in Fulton County, waived his arraignment appearance on Monday.

“I, President Donald Trump, hereby acknowledge that I am the defendant named above and I have received a copy of the indictment in this case,” reads the arraignment waiver. “I understand I have the right to appear personally at my arraignment, and that I have the right to have the indictment read to me in open court.”

The waiver says the former President has discussed his charges in his indictment and his Waiver of Appearance at Arraignment with his attorney Steven H. Shadow, adding he fully understands the nature of the offenses he is charged with along with his right to appear in court for his arraignment.

“Understanding my rights, I do hereby freely and voluntarily waive my right to be present at my arraignment on the Indictment and my right to have it read to me in open court,” the waver continues. “I do hereby waive formal arraignment and enter my plea of NOT GUILTY to the Indictment in this case.”

The former President has been indicted in Georgia for allegedly violating the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO). Eighteen others, including Rudy Giuliani, Powell, Kutti, and Smith, have been charged with the former President over the RICO Act and other alleged acts to conspire regarding the 2020 presidential election.

Last week, Georgia Republican Party Activist and former candidate for Georgia State House Brad Barnes filed paperwork with Fulton County Jail seeking the arrest of DA Willis.

Barnes alleges Willis violated her Oath by Public Officer, along with Conspiracy Against Rights, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, and engaged in unprofessional conduct as Public Officers and Employees of the state.

Trump was booked and processed through Fulton County Jail last week. A mugshot of the former President was taken and went viral after being posted online.

Following Trump’s booking at Fulton County Jail, the former President posted to X for the first time since Jan. 8, 2021, with a picture of his mugshot and a link to his website.

Shortly after Trump’s X post, the former President shared on his social media platform, “I LOVE TRUTH SOCIAL. IT IS MY HOME!!!”

Trump has not made another post to X since Thursday night.

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