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Trump Slams Biden for Saying He Has 'No Comment' on Maui's Rising Death Toll (VIDEO)

Former President Donald Trump has posted a video expressing his sympathy for the people of Maui and slamming President Joe Biden for saying he has “no comment” on the rising death toll.

At least 99 casualties have been reported, and only 25 percent of the affected area has been searched.

“I would express my sympathy and warmest regards to the people of Hawaii, and specifically all of those who have been so gravely and irreparably hurt by the tragedy of the wildfires in Maui, something the likes of which have seldom been seen anywhere at any time,” Trump said in a video posted to Truth Social on Monday.

Biden has not commented on the fire since Thursday and is on a beach vacation.

Asked about his response to the fires on Monday, Biden gave a wide smile and told the reporter he had “no comment.”

Trump blasted the current president for his response, calling it “absolutely horrible and unacceptable.”

“When asked about it today, as he was getting into a car, perhaps coming home from the beach, where he has been spending a great deal of time, crooked Joe Biden, the most incompetent president in the history of our country, with a laugh and a smile said he had no comment on the death and the tragedy,” Trump said.

The Republican presidential candidate continued, “To say no comment is oftentimes fine but to be smiling when you say it, especially against such a tragedy as this is absolutely horrible and unacceptable. It is a disgraceful thing that Joe Biden refuses to help or comment on the tragedy in Maui, just as he refused to help or comment on the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, for a very very long time.”

Trump said that he hopes everyone can “pull together so that a horrible situation does not get even worse.”

“To the families affected, I give you my love and sympathy. Nothing can ever replace your loved ones. But you will always have the memories and will feel their great love surrounding and embracing you. Together we will continue to carry their legacy forward and I love you all very much,” he said.

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