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Trump Considering DeSantis For VP Pick, Source Claims

Anonymous source says donors are behind the push for the pair to unite

Former President Donald Trump is reportedly considering making Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis his running mate, as the pair consistently top polls as two favorite picks for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

Trump has ramped up attacks on DeSantis in recent weeks, as the likelihood of DeSantis entering the race appears to increase. This week, Florida lawmakers indicated they would advance a provision that would amend state law to allow DeSantis to run for president without having to resign his current position as governor, a clear indication of his intent to challenge the former president.

In the contest for the GOP nomination, various polls show Trump has a 30-to-45-point lead over DeSantis. The former president’s poll performance was fueled by outrage over at least three investigations and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s recent incitement of Trump — a move many considered to be politically motivated.

As Trump’s popularity surged, donors backing DeSantis reconsidered their positions.

Now, “some of [Trump’s] supporters are suggesting he make a deal with DeSantis to make him VP,” an unnamed source told Page Six.

“Supporters say the VP offer [would] stop DeSantis from opposing [Trump] and offer a ‘youth conservative vigor’ to the slot, which Biden doesn’t have,” the source explained.

The unnamed source added that the big money donors backing DeSantis would then bring their money into the campaign.

Forecasting released by Race to the WH, which most accurately predicted the outcome of the 2022 midterm elections, shows Trump neck-and-neck with incumbent President Joe Biden in national polling. But, in state-by-state Electoral College polling, Biden has a significant lead if the election were held today, likely taking the swing states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Colorado, North Carolina, Michigan, Maine and Georgia. Forecasting in a hypothetical matchup between Biden and DeSantis shows a near tie.

Adding DeSantis to the ticket would allow the pro-DeSantis and pro-Trump camps to unite against a common enemy and focus all of their attention, efforts, and money on opposing Biden.

“DeSantis wants to raise money and test the waters, but what he really wants to do is run in 2028 after Trump wins or loses — with him or without him. It’s early days, but some donors are pushing for a partnership,” Page Six’s source added.

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