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Trump: Classified Material Found At Mar-a-Lago Was Mostly Empty Folders Kept As 'Momentos'

Trump told his Truth Social followers that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago recovered very few items that could be considered as classified, instead explaining that most of the material collected was empty folders he kept as keepsakes from his time in office.

In a two-post “truth,” the former president described the law enforcement officers who raided his Palm Beach resort as the “Gestapo,” while taking issue with what he portrayed as unequal treatment and noting that President Biden has not been raided. As for the contents that were retrieved by those officers, President Trump claims that few documents were actually recovered. Instead, according to Trump, they mostly seized empty folders that he had been keeping as momentous.

Trump insists that his possession of the material was nothing to worry about. “Nothing is wrong with that,” he said. The former president then suggested that the Justice Department — “the Injustice Department” — incorrectly views these folders as documents to justify what he repeatedly described as a “witch hunt.” “[They] should be checking Biden’s unsecured classified docs instead. How about the 1,850 boxes sent to Delaware. That’s the mother load! Or separately, how about revealing who spied on my campaign,” Trump said.

Trump also reiterated previous claims about election fraud, calling for an investigation into “stuffed ballot boxes,” and released a statement on the arrest of former FBI Special Agent Charles McGonigal.

McGonigal, among his other duties, oversaw the bureau’s New York counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations, was involved in the investigation into a possible connection between the Trump campaign and Russia. In January, he was charged with six counts of making false statements, two counts of falsification of records, and concealing material facts. If found guilty on all charges, he will face a maximum sentence of 75 years. The former agent pleaded not guilty to all charges.

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