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Trans Activists Threaten To Kill Tennessee Lawmakers

'You Let Me Know Where I Can Get My Hands On Ricin Then We're In Business'

Several trans activists suggested doxxing and killing Tennessee lawmakers after passing legislation in the state.

One Twitter user shared a screenshot from an LGBTQ Nation article claiming Tennessee lawmakers were requiring transgender-identifying youth to detransition by next year.

“This is what genocide looks like,” the original poster wrote regarding the article.

In a now-deleted tweet, another user with the handle @nihilistgf161 quote-tweeted the original poster saying, “these people forcing youth to detransition have names and addresses.”

A third user echoed @nihilisticgf161’s statement by asking where to obtain ricin, a highly toxic substance capable of poisoning an individual in a relatively small dosage.

“You let me know where I can get my hands on ricin then we’re in business,” said the third user, who goes by the handle @wobotboy in another now-deleted tweet.

The third user addressed their deleted tweet shortly after saying, “I will get rid of this tweet because I, naturally, don’t want my own *personal* rhetoric to become representative of a whole myriad of different people. As this is what seems to be happening.”

“So if your problem is with me, make it so.”

The second user, however, noted the Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo’s reporting of their comment by suggesting they were being “targeted” by Ngo.

The user made a series of posts expressing support for transgender-identifying individuals taking up arms in defense against “white supremacy, the state, fascism, and transphobia.”

In another post, the user criticized the Second Amendment as a “document written by genocidal white supremacists,” though expressed support for individuals owning firearms.

“If you wish to impose violence on us by using the police and state to criminalize and imprison us for being transgender we will defend ourselves,” the user said in response to Gays Against Groomers’ Oli London, who noted a popular phrase and image used by transgender activists features images of firearms that mimic colors of the transgender pride flag with the caption, “TRANS RIGHTS … OR ELSE.”

Tennessee bill H.B. 1, mentioned in LGBTQ Nation’s article, was passed by the state house last week and seeks to ban medical gender transition for minors.

“These procedures can lead to the minor becoming irreversibly sterile, having increased risk of disease and illness, or suffering from adverse and sometimes fatal psychological consequences,” reads H.B. 1’s text. “Moreover, the legislature finds it likely that not all harmful effects associated with these types of medical procedures when performed on a minor are yet fully known, as many of these procedures, when performed on a minor for such purposes, are experimental in nature and not supported by high-quality, long-term medical studies.”

The text continues:

The legislature determines that there is evidence that medical procedures that alter a minor’s hormonal balance, remove a minor’s sex organs, or otherwise change a minor’s physical appearance are not consistent with professional medical standards when the medical procedures are performed for the purpose of enabling a minor to identify with, or live as, a purported identity inconsistent with the minor’s sex or treating purported discomfort or distress from a discordance between the minor’s sex and asserted identity because a minor’s discordance can be resolved by less invasive approaches that are likely to result in better outcomes for the minor.

H.B. 9 was also passed by Tennessee’s state house and seeks to ban “adult cabaret performances” in the presence of children.

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