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'They Lost Their Democracy': MSNBC Contributor Says Fear Of Inflation Led To Hitler

'Obviously, The Price Of A Hamburger, The Price Of Milk, The Price Of Gas Is Concerning, But That Is A Short-Term Problem'

During a Monday appearance on The ReidOut with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, network contributor Matthew Dowd criticized voters’ fear of inflation by suggesting similar fears led to Hitler’s election in Germany.

The MSNBC host commented on the impact of inflation influencing the outcome of the November election. Reid referred to former President Trump’s alleged “fascism” regarding his suggestion of issues surrounding the 2020 Presidential election repeating themselves in the November midterms: “You know, I think there are some people who will just sit back and let it happen thinking it won’t be that bad. And that, to me, is almost more dangerous than the radicals.”

“I’m not going to say that the GOP are Nazis at this point or whatever, but it certainly sounds very familiar to what happened in Germany, which is a bunch of citizens, Adolf Hitler gets a third of the vote, nobody thought it could happen there,” said Dowd, noting Hitler’s plurality in the 1933 federal election in Germany.

“They went along because he said he would solve the economy and fix inflation.”

“You can hear those sorts of things, and then oh, lo and behold, a few years later they lost their democracy, and they’re all like, ‘How did that happen here?’ That’s my worry,” Dowd continued. “Obviously, the price of a hamburger, the price of milk, the price of gas is concerning, but that is a short-term problem. The loss of a democracy will decimate everyone’s freedom.”

Reid further suggested rumors that Republican Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s in talks to serve as a running mate with Trump in a 2024 Presidential bid were “not coincidental,” citing Senator Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff as Georgia’s first African American and Jewish members to represent the state.

“I don’t think any of this is coincidental,” Dowd replied and compared Reid’s statement to Civil Right’s era political struggles.

Dowd continued:

Every time there’s an influx of immigrants, or the face of America begins to change … every time that happens there’s a rise of this hate, and there’s a pushback against the power structure in this. I think all of this is a sign, a reflection that Republicans and this white nationalist movement knows that America is a multi-cultural diverse county … and they know without these things they cannot win. And they’re gonna do this … that’s their only play. They know if a majority of people vote … they can’t win. So their goal … to keep anybody that isn’t a white Christian nationalist from holding power in this country.

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