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The Matrix: Resurrections Debuts to Mixed Reactions

The fourth installment in the franchise debuted on big and small screens alike Tuesday

The much anticipated fourth entry of the Matrix franchise premiered Tuesday, arriving 18 years after the last installment.

 is the long-awaited fourth installment in the sci-fi franchise. 

Early reviews for The Matrix: Resurrections, directed by Lana Wachowski, have been less than stellar, calling the film “laughably bad” and “another truly horrible sequel.”

Many die-hard franchise fans took to social media and comment sections across the internet, lauding the film for continuing the journey down the dark rabbit hole of alternate realities. 

However, the film has been met by harsh criticism from film experts worldwide. 

Kevin Maher at The Times said of the film: “The curse of The Matrix strikes again. An ingenious, inventive and era-defining sci-fi movie from 1999 has now, with this latest and long-awaited misfire, produced yet another truly horrible sequel.”

While Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian said: “Eighteen years after what we thought was the third and final Matrix film, The Matrix Revolutions, Lana Wachowski has directed a fourth: The Matrix Resurrections. But despite some ingenious touches (a very funny name, for example, for a VR coffee shop) the boulder has been rolled back from the tomb to reveal that the franchise’s corpse is sadly still in there.” 

Amelia Emberwing wrote: “The Matrix Resurrections is the kind of film that will go down in cult history because it is so laughably bad. Truthfully, I can’t even say it’s unenjoyable because I spent so much of its overly long runtime giggling over how jaw-droppingly misguided the majority of it is. And, even with how rough it is, folks looking for that nostalgia will get exactly what they’re looking for.”

It is apparent the film will open with less success than the recent premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, which grossed $260 million thus far. However, the film is likely to revive fans’ enthusiasm who have been following the franchise for nearly two decades. 

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7 responses to “The Matrix: Resurrections Debuts to Mixed Reactions”

  1. gmgauthier says:

    Why is this generation incapable of telling its own stories? Everything I see today is backward-looking, derivative, and uninspired. Quite a lot of that is intentional vandalism. It’s like there is no future anymore. There is only reaching back into the past to dig up old corpses and dance them around on screen – occasionally defiling those corpses, out of spite or bitterness or self-importance.

    To be sure, the cultural productions of the 70s and 80s often tapped into features of the creations of the previous generations. George Lucas’ use of visuals from WWII films, or characters from the Tom Mix TV series, for example. But these were inspirational ingredients in a *new story* he created. Not a “reboot” of Tom Mix.

    Even the superhero movies of late have all just been more pillaging of the past. Comic book characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Superman and Batman, have been recycled dozens of times since the 1940s. And now, it includes an enormous amount of vandalism in the name of “THE MESSAGE”, to boot.

    Where are this generation’s Heroes? I don’t mean where is this generation’s Indiana Jones. I mean, where is this generation’s OWN CREATION of its OWN ASPIRATIONS? Where are they? Even their immediate predecessor had one option still available to them, in the form of Harry Potter. What does this generation have? There is nothing, as far as I can tell.

    This generation is incapable of looking into the future, of holding up an ideal to aspire toward, of having heroic role models to emulate. In fact, it appears this generation is hell-bent on reaching back into the past and smashing up anything that came before it, that even suggested the idea of heroism. That seems to me to be both tragic and dangerous.

  2. Wolv256 says:

    If Neo were truly “The One”, you’d think he’s be able to pull a hotter chick than KD Lang?

  3. Brother_Paul says:

    LoL good one….

  4. Devilsgun says:

    I always figured that a “modern” Matrix movie would consist of Neo and Morpheus sending poop emojis to Agent Smith from their smartphones while Trinity takes selfies with the help of a selfie stick for her Instagram account

  5. Moiseevy1 says:

    hahaha aint it the truth

  6. pandusa says:

    Why, would I want to go see the Matrix when I am living in one ? I used to LOVE all that shit but not anymore…

  7. ZedS says:

    Reading comments that the film is supposed to “take the red pill back from the Right” makes me want to NOT watch the movie. However much they may use cool imagery, a story written from a bad frame of mind is going to be underwhelming at best, and I’d rather leave my impression of the original trilogy intact.