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The Daily Wire Launches Children's App, Streaming Service 'Bentkey'

Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing: 'On The 100th Anniversary Of Walt Founding His Company, We Are Proud To Announce The Launch Of Ours'

Conservative media outlet The Daily Wire launched children’s app Bentkey with a series of programs.

The announcement was a surprise for subscribers of the outlet.

Co-CEO Jeremy Boreing announced Bentkey’s launch in an X post and noted today was also the 100th anniversary of The Walt Disney Company.

For almost a century, Disney built goodwill and trust with parents and created the greatest library of content in history,” Boreing wrote of the legacy children’s entertainment company. “But Walt Disney’s vision no longer animates the company he founded.”

He took aim at “woke idealogues” who have “abused the trust and goodwill” of fans and sullied the legacy of Disney.

“While their classic films are still phenomenal, their new fare is laden with the radical race and sexual identity theory of the woke left,” Boreing continued. “So today, on the 100th anniversary of Walt founding his company, we are proud to announce the launch of ours. Introducing BENTKEY, a brand new company from the Daily Wire that makes good on our commitment to bring high-quality kids entertainment that never insults the values of everyday Americans.”

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who hosts a podcast on the platform, also commented on the launch of Bentkey.

“Today, we launched our kids platform which is already stocked with over 100 episodes of great family entertainment,” Walsh wrote in a X post. “This is why I’m proud to work at The Daily Wire.”

Walsh noted the outlet receives “a lot of flak” from both sides of the political spectrum, though asserted “this company actually has a vision.”

We are trying to build something,” he continued. “Instead of complaining about the culture, we are actively trying to change it and shape it — and taking the considerable risks that those efforts require. The critics will continue to chirp. And we will continue doing what none of them have the skill or wherewithal to do.”

“There’s nowhere else in media I’d want to work. It’s not even a close call, to be honest,” Walsh concluded. “And by the way, the kids content is actually great. My kids will love it and so will yours.”

Walsh provides a brief voice cameo in Bentkey’s flagship program, Chip Chilla.

Other programs offered by Bentkey include Kid Explorer, Gus Plus Us, Runes and A Wonderful Day With Mabel Maclay among other children’s shows.

“Walt Disney loved America. The company he founded seems to think America is systemically racist, and beyond just their content Disney as a corporation pushes all the worst excesses of the woke Left,” said Boreing in a pre-recorded address from Lake Bled in Slovenia. “It would be impossible to overstate just how big a loss this is for Americans who believe in basic reality. Disney controls the greatest content library ever created.”

“Bentkey isn’t about teaching kids politics,” Boreing added. “It’s about childhood and wonder and adventure … [and is] dedicated to creating the next generation of timeless stories that transport kids into a world of imagination and joy, a world of content and characters that families will love and parents can trust.”

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