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The Daily Wire Has Received About 200 Violations From YouTube Regarding Coverage Of Transgenderism

Jeremy Boreing: 'YouTube Only Does More Damage The Longer It Keeps It's Finger On The Scales'

Jeremy Boreing, Co-CEO of the Daily Wire, revealed the outlet has received about 200 violations from YouTube regarding multiple hosts’ coverage of topics regarding transgenderism.

Boreing detailed his concerns and criticism of YouTube in a Sunday tweet thread claiming the outlet has received about 200 violations from the video streaming platform over the last couple months.

“YouTube has gone back to videos from over a year ago,” one Daily Wire spokesperson told Timcast News. “To clarify, this is YouTube manually digging and reviewing internally not user-generated reports.”

Boreing’s comments follow the 7-day suspension of hosts Candace Owens and Michael Knowles from posting to their YouTube accounts.

Owens’ and Knowles’ suspension is their second on the platform. Fellow Daily Wire host Matt Walsh was also demonetized from the platform last month.

Boreing noted nearly all violations received by YouTube were in regards to the outlet’s coverage of transgenderism.

“In the last 90 days, our accounts have received 104 violations for ‘Hateful and Derogatory’ content, earning them ‘limited monetization,'” Boreing wrote.

“Again, nearly every one of these violations comes from our coverage of the trans debate.”

“Over 25% of the US population gets its news from YouTube,” Boreing wrote, citing The Daily Wire as one of the largest news brands on YouTube, garnering over 157 million views on the platform in the last week. “That’s over 20M views a day.”

“Yet we are on the verge of losing access to the platform.”

Boreing revealed YouTube’s policy team claimed the outlet sought to be a platform to debate transgender topics in previous talks with The Daily Wire.

“But virtually every time we discuss it we receive these violations,” he said.

The Daily Wire co-CEO noted fellow host and clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson had received a strike on his YouTube account for providing a “professional analysis” on transgenderism.

“One day, YouTube will reverse this policy just like it did with many COVID and election policies; years too late,” Boreing continued. “Everyone knew the truth then — just like everyone knows men are not women.”

“YouTube only does more damage the longer it keeps it’s finger on the scales.”

Boreing cited a June 2 blog post from YouTube in which the platform claims “the ability to openly debate political ideas, even those that are controversial or based on disproven assumptions, is core to a functioning democratic society — especially in the midst of an election season.”

“YouTube, will you honor your commitment to allow for open debate on this controversial idea, or are you beholden to other powers?” Boreing asked, providing a screenshot to top shareholders of YouTube which includes The Vanguard Group, Inc., which owns about 7.77% stake in the company, along with BlackRock Fund Advisors owning 4.45% in the platform.

“It seems insane that a company claiming to value open debate could remove some of the biggest voices from its platform, calling our take–which is shared by over 1/2 the country–’hate speech’ and ‘harassment,'” Boreing continued.

There’s one thing I know for sure: The Daily Wire will keep winning. Not because we are big enough or because we have enough money, but because we have to,” Boreing said. “Youtube is right, free speech is fundamental to a functioning democracy, especially around our most debated issues.”

“We will not stop speaking the truth, nor will we allow the left to push us into a digital ghetto, unable to reach the very audiences who most need this debate. We will adapt our strategy, evolve our model, and continue to fight. And we will win.”

Boreing concluded by calling on YouTube to change their “vague and capricious policies” along with “arbitrary enforcement” if they truly champion freedom of speech.

“In the meantime, we will keep fighting and speaking the truth everywhere we can,” he said.

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