'That's Not Acceptable': Oliver Anthony Cancels Tennessee Show Over High Ticket Prices

The Singer And Songwriter Said He Would Aim To Keep Ticket Prices Between $25-40

Singer and songwriter Oliver Anthony, who rose to fame after “Rich Men North of Richmond” went viral last month, has cancelled a show scheduled later this month citing exorbitant ticket prices.

The show was originally scheduled at Knoxville, Tennessee-based nightclub Cotton Eyed Joe on Sept. 27.

In a video posted to his Instagram, Anthony announced the show’s cancellation and said he was “pissed off” about ticket prices.

“Don’t buy Cotton Eyed Joe tickets for $99 a piece,” he said while standing on the side of a highway. “And sure as hell don’t buy VIP for whatever bull—- price they’re on.”

Anthony said he was in the process of hiring a personal friend who was a full-time plumber as his booking agent, noting his friend had originally agreed to the show without asking what Cotton Eyed Joe’s ticket prices would be.

“Don’t pay $100 for a ticket. That’s horse—-,” Anthony said. “If we’ve gotta cancel the venue and play somewhere else, we will.”

“I didn’t agree to it, and I don’t want you to pay it.”

In his post’s caption, Anthony clarified ticket prices ranged from $90 for general admission to $200 for a meet and greet.

“That’s not acceptable,” he said, reiterating the scheduled Cotton Eyed Joe show was a “miscommunication” between his friend and him. “My shows should never cost more than $40, ideally no more than $25. Hell, out of the 4 shows we have currently done, 2 of them have been completely free.”

In what appears to be a now-deleted Facebook post from Cotton Eyed Joe, the nightclub claimed Anthony was charging $120,000 per show.

“The North Man of Richmond contracted to play the Cotton Eved Joe for $120,000 for 60 minutes,” reads the nightclubs post. “After doing the math and knowing we can only hold apprx. 1500 people, paying the ticket website their fee to sell the tickets, paying the tax man, opening the JOE on a closed night … we set the ticket price to break even and bring our customers a show we thought would be fun.”

Cotton Eyed Joe warned their talent agency and promotor friends to “be careful booking the North Man of Richmond.”

The singer and songwriter responded to Cotton Eyed Joe’s claim in a Tuesday Facebook post.

“The most I’ve ever made on a show is $35,000,” he wrote, referencing previous free shows he’s performed along with an upcoming free show on Sept. 23 in Kentucky for a cancer benefit.

Anthony said he personally talked with the Knoxville nightclub about not charging extra for a meet and greet.

“That’s why I was so upset seeing them charging $200 for it,” he said. “I felt like they suckered us into playing there just so they could make extra money off of y’all.”

“I wish them the best,” he said, claiming the cancelled show was his fault. “I should have been more thoroughly involved in the booking, and I should probably consider using a professional consultant in this area.”

Anthony expressed frustration in tickets being sold before a contract was signed, though revealed he had found several other venues who could host $25 admission to accommodate more people on the same week his Cotton Eyed Joe show was scheduled.

“We will still be having a good time in Knoxville soon,” he said.
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