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Texas Students Sue After School District Bans Long Hair For Boys

The seven boys believe the policy is based on gender stereotypes and violates their constitutional rights

A school district in Texas that banned boys from wearing their hair long has been sued by students.

Magnolia Independent School District, which serves some 13,000 students about 40 miles northwest of Houston, requires boys to have short hair.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven boys challenging the policy. They argued that the requirement is discriminatory and is based on gender stereotypes that violate the Constitution.

The students, aged 7 to 17, also say the punishments they received for not complying caused them “immense and irreparable harm.”

In one case, the court documents claim that “school officials in Texas forced a 9-year-old boy to serve an in-school suspension for a month, deprived him of recess and normal lunch breaks, and banished him from campus to an alternative school — all to pressure the fourth-grader into getting a haircut.”

The district’s handbook states that male students’ hair can be “no longer than the bottom of a dress shirt collar, bottom of the ear, and out of the eyes.”

Boys in the district can not tie long hair back in a bun or a ponytail. They are also not allowed to have beards, mustaches or long sideburns.

District officials are reviewing the lawsuit, according to the spokeswoman for the district, Denise Meyers. She said the district’s policies were comparable to those of other public schools in Texas.

“Like hundreds of public school districts in Texas and across the country, MISD’s rules for dress and grooming distinguish between male and female dress and grooming standards,” Meyers said in a statement. “This system of differentiated dress and grooming standards have been affirmed by courts and does not inhibit equal access to educational opportunities under Title IX.”

She added that MISD grants exemptions or accommodations in the cases of religious practices or gender identity.

One of the students involved in the lawsuit, Daniel Hoosier, spoke out against the policy at a school board meeting. He said he caved and cut his hair after being given an in-school suspension.

“It feels dehumanizing to have school, a government entity, force me to cut my hair and meet their expectations of appearances,” he told a local Houston news outlet.

The ACLU’s lawsuit argues that the policy violates the boys’ constitutional rights and Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools. 

In the suit filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, the legal organization says the students “have been denied classroom instruction, barred from extracurricular activities, and forced to be suspended and separated from their peers for well over a month” because they would not cut their hair.

Brian Klosterboer, an ACLU staff attorney, told NBC News that Magnolia School District appears to be taking discipline to a level that’s detrimental to the students’ learning. The students, he added, are not academically troubled or otherwise considered problem students.

The plaintiffs, who are identified by their initials, are seeking an injunction to halt the policy’s enforcement.

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9 responses to “Texas Students Sue After School District Bans Long Hair For Boys”

  1. Fractal says:

    Tell the school you identify as a woman

  2. piZan says:

    While I don’t hate the rule so much because I went to a Catholic school that had similar rules.
    I feel the punishment he is receiving is really bad and over the top.

  3. TheJester says:

    This is so dumb. I live in this district. I went to school here. We all had these same rules growing up. This is an overreaction to a really old rule that everyone had to abide. This is a temper tantrum that is typical of spoiled Americans. There are more harmful things going on in these schools and the haircut is the issue?

  4. MisterRepublic says:

    Went to public school and private (military school) graduated in 85. I hate both sides the bible thumpers and the woke mommy tit suckers. We let our girls go to public and private schools but kept a close eye on what the teachers were teaching them. Our last child (boy) has been home schooled since he was in 2nd grade he’s 17 now. Sending him to trade school like I did. I was making over 6 figures before I was out of my twenties as a Systems Engineer. I used to love interviewing all these college graduates while at GE or CIGNA. My favorite question to ask was what computer / networking equipment did you have in your basement and what where you doing with them. One of the best Engineers I ever hired I went to his house with a friend. I saw he had a 6″ antenna stuck in his front yard wired to his old 486 computer. I asked him what was he doing with it he said trading messages with a friend in Australia. I asked how (this was before email and the very beginnig of the “internet”) he said when the Mir Space Station passed over head he would up load the message and his friend would pull it down when it passed over. VERY COOL you now work for me, we’ve been best friends since. 🙂

  5. That is happening in other countries as well.
    You get the reaction to the woke and it is return to the 50s.

    On the other side, I would rather get a new hippy-woodstock reason, than a wokeism communist.

    Maybe it is good to ban long hair, so the only rebellion you need is long hair instead of a non binary demon-mushroom-deer identity chanting repent.

    Good ol days, when we had the conservatives and pseudo-evil Marilyn Manson.

    Now everyone is a Marilyn and disciple of the Church of Woke.
    and me, a Metalheads just wants to listen to Willie Nelson and chill.

  6. Mattical1980 says:

    This is that bullshit pendulum swing that I expected, and is exactly why I still consider myself libertarian and not conservative. I think shit like this also has a lot to do with why people on the left feel (now anyway) that they’d rather be on the side of the woke versus crossing over. Democrats and Republicans are both black/white thinkers. My guess is this school thinks that this rule will curb the trans/woke crowd, but in reality it’ll only serve to piss off regular people. Derp, good job republicans!

  7. TheDarkWall says:

    “Who long their hair can be”

    Where can I email Mr.Timothy Cast directly to complain about the lack of an edit button? My moral outrage is insurmountable.

  8. CriticalTim says:

    This kind of thing absolutely disgusts me. When I was in highschool in the 90’s it was a popular fashion to let your belt hang down. It didn’t mean anything, it didn’t have any affiliation with gangs, it was simply a fashion choice akin to wearing the collar of your shirt up. It resulted in a teacher, I think her name was Karen rounding myself and several of my peers up in front of the entire lunch room to be made an example of. I told the teacher
    “this feels like a violation of our constitutional rights.”
    Ms. Karen replied
    “Students in public schools are exempt from constitutional protections.”

  9. TheDarkWall says:

    Generally side with the students here. They’re public schools paid for by the tax payer. So who the fuck are they to tell people who long their hair can be? Maybe if it was a private school you could make the argument that it was teaching men some vague sense of discipline that must be taught via their appearance or something, and that if people didn’t want to be a part of it they didn’t have to join the organization. But in a public school there is little to no justification.