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Texas Preacher Calls For Execution of Gays

'They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head' he said

Texas-based Preacher Dillon Awes called for the execution of gays in his Sunday sermon.

“They should be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head. That’s what God teaches. That’s what the Bible says,” he said. “You don’t like it. You don’t like God’s word. ‘Cause that is what God says.”

Awes preaches at Steadfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, which has been dubbed an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“What does God say is the answer is the solution for the homosexual in 2022, here in the new Testament here in the book of Romans that they are worthy of death. These people should be put to death,” Awes said in the sermon. “Every single homosexual in our country should be charged with the crime, the abomination of homosexuality that they have, they should be convicted in a lawful trial. They should be sentenced with death.”

This incident was not the first time the church has been embroiled in controversy.

The church’s Pastor Jonathan Shelley delivered a speech to the Arlington City Council in late May, a week before Pride month, decrying the celebration, suggesting gays are pedophiles, and calling for their death.

“Pride is nothing to be celebrated. In fact, it’s an abomination,” Shelley said.

His three minute address, delivered from a lectern emblazoned with the city’s logo, included quotations from several Bible verses, as well as citations of antiquated Texas laws that banned sexual behavior between individuals of the same sex.

“The Bible’s right, that what these people do is filthy. According to CDC, homosexual men are 230 times more likely to get HIV than straight men. I don’t know why we would promote disease and AIDS in our community,” he said. “Additionally, according to this article of self-reported crimes, the LGBT have an average of 20 to 150 children victims. And including [sic] they commit an average of 154 acts on their victims.”

During Pride 2021, the church released a documentary called The Sodomite Deception, which it says was in response to the United States dramatically shifting its “view from the death penalty to “Drag Queen Story Hour.” 

In 2019, the church’s former pastor, Donnie Romero, resigned after admitting to hiring prostitutes, gambling, and using marijuana.

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