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Teen Fatally Shot, Police Officer and Two Others Injured at Juneteenth Event in DC

A 15-year old and three others, including a police officer, were shot during a Juneteenth music event in DC on Sunday evening.

The teenage boy did not survive. The other victims are said to be in stable condition.

The event was called “Moechella,” and DC Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said that the outdoor event was “unpermitted.”

“We certainly want to make sure people are held accountable when they hold unpermitted events in our city,” Contee told reporters on Sunday night. “This is one of the reasons why.”

A witness said that the teenage shooting victim was calling out for his mom during his final moments.

“He was screaming out for his mom,” Daniel Dyson told WTTG. “And it’s hurtful to hear that man. And no one was able to help him.”

Dyson continued, “To see him go. It bothers me. All of this that’s going on here it bothers me. And it needs to come to a stop. It really does.”

Dyson also saw the police officer get shot.

“I was sitting next to a cop. Next thing you know, shots rang out,” Dyson said. “He did not want to stay down. He proceeded on. He was shot in the leg. And he kept moving. He went to the fire. He did not run away.”


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Police had shut down the event prior to the shooting — after a fight caused a stampede, leading to people being trampled and injured.

There were roughly 100 police officers at the event during the time of the shooting, according to Contee.

The Chief said that multiple firearms were recovered by police, including from one of the shooting victims. He said he did not believe that the gun found on the victim was used, as there was no exchange of gun fire.

Videos of the crowd during and after the shooting featured attendees surrounding emergency vehicles — and in some cases, “twerking” on top of them.

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser held a press conference after the incident and made similar remarks to Chief Contee, “we have a child who was killed today at an event that did not have any proper planning.”

“We need some accountability here.”

No suspects were in custody as of Monday morning and police have not named a suspect.

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