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Suspect Who Plowed Through a Christmas Parade Has History of Violent Crime, Released on Bail Two Days Prior

Police have arrested 39-year-old Darrell Edward Brooks Jr. as a suspect after a red SUV plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, leaving multiple people dead and dozens injured.

By late Sunday evening, there were five confirmed casualties and more than 40 injured. The death toll may rise as many of the injuries are reportedly severe. At least 12 of those injured were children.

Brooks has a lengthy criminal record, including for sex trafficking a minor. He was released on bail just two days before the “mass casualty incident.”

Brooks openly discussed sex trafficking the teenage girl in a video posted to social media.

Brooks has previously been charged with domestic abuse multiple times, as well as battery, resisting or obstructing an officer, disorderly conduct and more.

The suspect also made a music video in which he raps in front of a red Ford Escape, which matches the one that drove through the Christmas celebration.

The vehicle could also been seen on Google Earth parked in front of his address.

Social media accounts under the same name as his YouTube channel reveal a strong support for Black Lives Matter.

A suspected motive for the attack has not been released by time of publishing.

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10 responses to “Suspect Who Plowed Through a Christmas Parade Has History of Violent Crime, Released on Bail Two Days Prior”

  1. Saurfang says:

    1 of the nine guilty people just killed 6 innocent people. So yea I like Tim’s intent on that no innocent person getting locked up. I would like to see the innocent people who are allegedly attacked and killed by the defendant not be harmed. Rose Baum got let out and he caused the deaths of the other rioters and the ptsd that Kyle has to go through. Violent crime needs to be locked up

    Secondly these violent criminals are injuring the jailers and i think if a guy keeps taking innocent lives that you can no longer safely keep this individual in custody without more innocents getting hurt. I would say death penalty or maybe a fend for yourself island would be a better solution. I agree that I do not trust the state at this point, but the best solution to protect innocent people is where I stand

  2. Wolv256 says:

    A black man

  3. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    YOU need to step back and decide if you should end your miserable life…Or not.
    In the “Bad old Days”, when SCUM abounded, killing without caring, we had “WANTED, DEAD OR ALIVE” Bounties for these SCUMBAGS. Perhaps we once again NEED WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE BOUNTIES? It would certainly ease the Burden of the Average “Peace Officer”…THAT’S Where the Term “Peace Officer” came from… Bringing PEACE to the ordinary, hard working, Child rearing PEOPLE!
    I guess it’s time the SCUM were once again, GUNNED DOWN IN THE STREETS like the VERMIN they truly are. Better THEY, than the Children they now KILL with impunity…

  4. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    One can only hope that this attitude will bring forth a resurgence of BOUNTY HUNTERS and DEAD or ALIVE, CASH Bounty’s for SCUM such as this…

  5. Hsims says:

    Seriously how is one ideology brimming with life long criminals. Like to apply for blm do you need to mess with kids and beat women?

  6. Mathemagician says:

    We need to step back as a society and ask ourselves, when is it too early to celebrate Christmas?

  7. Viewtifuljoe says:

    So say we all. Also, this is the first time I’ve seen the connection to a Soros backed DA. Cutting repeat offenders a break but throwing the book at anyone else.

  8. unspecialnoob says:

    “A suspected motive for the attack has not been released by time of publishing.”

    I’d be willing to bet it is related to the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Maybe not, but the timing is very suspicious.

  9. Andercj1989 says:

    Wonder if he’ll me labeled a domestic terrorist?

  10. pandusa says:

    Steady America…we MUST peacefully endure. Remember what our elders taught us. Bad behavior on someone else’s part does not justify bad behavior on our part. Proverbs 22.6-Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
    The truth plods along, but it always gets where it is going. AESOPS fable “The Tortoise and the Hare”. Ancient humans…wiser than we ever thought…Modern humans not as smart as we think we are.