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'Stranger Things' Actor Shares 'Zionism Is Sexy' Stickers In Instagram Video

'We are strong. We are compassionate. We have prevailed before and we will prevail again.'

Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp shared a video to his Instagram featuring a sticker that read, “Zionism is Sexy.”

A brief video shared to the actor’s Instagram story features Schnapp and others holding a series of stickers reading “Zionism is Sexy” and “HAMAS IS ISIS.”

X users were overwhelmingly critical of his video after it was shared to the platform by Pop Base.

After the attack on Israel by Islamic militant group Hamas which killed over 1,400 last month, Schnapp, who is Jewish, shared a lengthy post to his Instagram.

“As a Jewish American, I am afraid. Afraid for my brothers and sisters in Israel, who have been senselessly attacked by Hamas,” Schnapps wrote in his Instagram post. “I am truly heartbroken to see the brutal murders of innocent children, women and soldiers fighting to defend themselves.”

Schnapp said he wants peace for both Palestinians and Israelis.

“Let’s stop the rhetoric and choosing sides,” he continued. “Instead, we must recognize that we are all on the side of the fight against terrorism.

The Stranger Things actor urged choosing “humanity over violence.”

“I just reposted a beautiful picture of a young innocent girl whose life was taken by Hamas at a music festival,” Schnapp wrote. “I was met with comments reading, ‘no one cares free Palestine’ and ‘she deserves that–free Palestine,'”

“I am outraged by the justification and celebration of the death of a young girl’s life,” he added. “Have people lost their minds??? STOP!”

The actor continued:

This is one example of many posts, rallies, and petitions being signed attempting to justify the brutality against these innocent Israeli people. You don’t have to be Jewish, you don’t have to be Israeli, you just have to have empathy and common sense to know that THIS is wrong.

Schnapp also took aim at those participating in “fashionable causes” like Ukraine and climate change, though had gone silent in the wake of the attack on Israel.

“The Jewish people are seeing your silence and we won’t forget it,” he wrote. “Forty babies were beheaded and burned alive in front of their parents by Hamas. I hope we can agree that Hamas are a recognized terrorist organization.”

“They don’t represent the Palestinian people when they value murdering Israelis more than protecting their own,” he continued. “You either stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism. It shouldn’t be a difficult choice. Shame on you.”

“While you justify the murders and torture of our loved ones, we will hope and pray for safety, justice, liberation, and self-determination in Palestine,” he concluded. “While you chant, ‘Gas the Jews,’ we will say a Jewish prayer for peace for all Israelis and Palestinians. A reminder that we, the Jewish people, with our love for each other and others, are stronger than your hatred. We are strong. We are compassionate. We have prevailed before and we will prevail again.”

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