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Staffordshire University Criminology Professor Under Investigation for Tweeting That Prisons Should Be Single-Sex

A Staffordshire University criminology professor is being investigated for Twitter posts asserting his belief that prisons should be single-sex.

The university received an anonymous complaint that the professor’s posts were “transphobic.”

Criminologist Professor James Treadwell had shared his belief that trans-women should not be placed in women’s prisons. He cited research from the organization Prison Reform Trust that found over half of women in prison have experienced domestic or sexual violence.

“Many [women] have been damaged by men time and again. I cannot see any case for now why we should do anything but #KeepPrisonsSingleSex,” Treadwell tweeted.

The Daily Mail reports that “earlier this month, Professor Treadwell was accused of ‘trying to link’ reform to the Gender Recognition Act – which allows people with gender dysphoria to change their legal gender – with ‘sex criminals’ after he penned a lengthy Twitter thread about sex offenders. However, the thread made no reference to transgender people.”

Treadwell announced that he is being investigated for the tweets on Twitter, adding “cancel culture is just a myth though, right.”

“I am angry and upset. Not only do I have no details of what it is alleged, I honestly have tried to be balanced and reasonable and promote fair debate. Lete be clear again, Trans people like all people deserve dignity and respect. Academics giving their personal views do too,” Treadwell added in the tweet thread.

Treadwell continued, “Oddly literally nobody has approached me directly to debate my stance or views. They have clearly however gone to my employer wanting me sanctioned or sacked. Nice to know that this is how open and inclusive the politics is.”

Treadwell concluded his thread by writing, “If this can happen to me it can happen to any of you. It can certainly happen to younger ECRs and others at the start of their career. Universities want us on social media, but is your back covered? Who has it?”

A university spokesperson confirmed to the Daily Mail that there is an investigation underway and that they are committed to “equality, diversity and inclusion” as well as “academic freedom.”

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3 responses to “Staffordshire University Criminology Professor Under Investigation for Tweeting That Prisons Should Be Single-Sex”

  1. prcntm_2nd_try says:

    With regard to his argument: I feel like the simple solution here is to start advocating for Trans prisons in combination with male and female prisons.

    More to the point of the article: We need clearer divides between a personal life and a work life online. In the real world its easy. We just physically separate the work environment from the home environment. For some that means a different building and a commute to work. For others it means a room in the house that is specifically for work; a home office. Regardless, that divide exists. Currently online, that division is breaking down. People’s professional lives are being mired by their personal choices and vice versa within an online environment. I do not think it should be legal in any capacity to be able to make an employment decision one way or the other based on someone’s personal accounts.

  2. pandusa says:

    Investigated for an opinion because of a anonymous complaint? WTF
    Country Roads- tune of- by J. Denver
    County roads… take me home… Seems no where DO I BELONG
    Woke Agenda…Mass Formation Psychosis …Take me home… country roads

    I hear the howling of the they chase me…Media reminds me of names I’m called …everyday. I just get the feeling these disordered folks should have gotten help yesterday…yesterday

  3. HerrDoktor says:

    This evil anti-rape bigotry is exactly why we have the DIE police in every corporation and government bureau! How dare you express your opinion that penised individuals don’t deserve access to rape victims!
    Speaking of which, allow me to introduce the new letter of the LGBTQAAIP2+ community, “R” for “rapists.” This is a marginalized community of people who are sexually attracted to the unwilling. STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST THEIR LIVED EXPERIENCE!