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Skateboarding Event in Hollywood Descends Into Violent Riot (VIDEO)

A skateboarding event in Hollywood over the weekend descended into a violent riot as attendees fought, burned cars, and assaulted police officers.

F***ing Awesome World Entertainment and Adidas Skateboarding hosted the city’s second annual Thrasher Skate Jam, which featured skateboarders competing by performing tricks over an old Los Angeles Police Department vehicle.

Professional skateboarders, including Nora Vasconcellos, Mark Suciu, and Daewon Song, were among those competing for prizes.

Three hours into the event, around 7:22 p.m., chaos broke out as the crowd turned violent and began lighting fires, vandalizing a police car, and lighting fireworks.

Chaos Erupted at Thrasher Skate Jam @CitizenApp

Hollywood Blvd & N Cherokee Ave Sep 9 9:40:43 PM PDT

“Crowds of people were seen surrounding a raging fire ignited in the parking lot as heavy smoke billowed into the sky,” KTLA reports. “Officers in riot gear created a skirmish line to force everyone out of the area and towards Hollywood Boulevard.”

As police tried to break up the crowd, they were pelted with rocks and bottles.

It is unclear what prompted the violence, but it began while the band Dead City Punx was starting to perform. The Los Angeles Times reports, “The California-based band has a history of fiery and raucous street shows that sometimes attract thousands of fans and end in clashes with police.”

Three people were arrested and charged with vandalism.

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