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SFSU Associated Students President Blames Riley Gaines For 'Promotion Of Violence'

'To Our Trans-Identifying Students: We See You, We Hear You, And We Are Here To Uplift Your Voices'

The San Francisco State University (SFSU) Associated Students (AS) president blamed swimmer Riley Gaines for promoting violence during her appearance on campus last Thursday in conjunction with Turning Point USA.

During Gaines’ scheduled appearance on campus, the swimmer was mobbed and assaulted by transgender activists shouting “Trans rights are human rights!”

The swimmer was subsequently escorted and barricaded in a vacant room by police.

AS president Karina Zamora claimed last Thursday’s appearance by Gaines and TPUSA promoted “discriminatory rhetoric towards trans woman athletes.”

“It was reported to me that students organized and followed the university’s Time, Place, and Manner (TPM) guidelines, but during the event, students protesting were coerced and given unwarranted warning cards threatening arrest if they violated the TPM policy,” Zamora wrote. “Though TPM was followed by protestors, I believe the ‘enforcement’ of TPM was weaponized to silence and threaten protestors and the presence of police was both excessive and uncalled for.”

Zamora cited SFSU’s mission statement which calls for “academic excellence by pursuing knowledge, inspiring creativity, supporting our diverse community, and advancing social justice and positive change in the world.”

“Based on the response by the administration, the heavy police presence in response of ‘social justice and positive change’ by speaking out against discrimination and in support of trans people, it is clear that the University administration has failed to uphold the principles our campus prides itself on. Student organizing and protesting are an integral part of our campus culture.”

“I, as President of the Associated Students, condemn and stand against the hateful rhetoric and promotion of violence spread by TPUSA and Riley Gaines as well as the confrontational behavior of the University Police Department at the behest of Campus Administration.”

Zamora continued:

As President of the Associated Students and on behalf of the organization, I call on President Lynn Mahoney and her administration to hold themselves accountable and host a community forum to hear how damaging these tactics have been to our student body. I call on campus administrators to work with our students and community to revisit and amend current policies and practices to uplift student voices and protect our student body, including transparency in publicly sharing with the AS Board of Directors how the university plans to move forward with a plausible action plan.

“To our trans-identifying students: we see you, we hear you, and we are here to uplift your voices.”

Gaines commented on her assault by suggesting “the prisoners are running the asylum.”

“I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man,” the swimmer wrote in a Friday social media post. “This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces. Still only further assures me I’m doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder.”

“This is unacceptable at an American college campus, even in San Francisco,” said founder and CEO of Turning Points USA Charlie Kirk. “Pray for Riley Gaines and for our brave students at SFSU.”

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