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Seth Rogen Cites Lack Of Children For His Success

'Me And My Wife Seem To Get A Lot More Active Enjoyment Out Of Not Having Kids Than Anyone I Know Seems To Get Out Of Having Kids'

Actor, writer and producer Seth Rogen cited a lack of children for his success during a Tuesday episode of the Diary of a CEO podcast hosted by entrepreneur Steven Bartlett.

Rogen said succeeding in Hollywood as an “inherently competitive pursuit,” claiming the industry is a “luck” and “connections-oriented” business. Bartlett noted Rogen’s previous statements about not wanting children to which the comedian responded, “that has helped me succeed as well” following his comment up with his iconic laugh.

“There’s a whole huge thing I’m not doing, which is raising children.”

Bartlett pressed Rogen’s stance by saying some may suggest having children could bring happiness to a person.

“I don’t think it would. I’ve been around a lot of children. I’m not ignorant to what it’s like,” Rogen said, chuckling through his response. “Everyone I know has kids.”

“I’m 40 … some of my friends have had kids for decades,” he continued. “I think a lot of people have kids before they even think about it from what I’ve seen, honestly. You just are told … you go through life, you get married, you have kids. That’s what happens.”

Rogen said he and his wife didn’t want children: “The older we get the more happy and reaffirmed we are with our choice to not have kids.”

“It was something we kind of talked about more and were like ‘have we made the right choice? Are we sure?'” Rogen continued.

Now, more than anything, the conversation is like honestly, thank God we don’t have children. We get to do whatever we want. We are in the prime of our lives. We are smarter than we’ve ever been. We understand ourselves more than we ever have. We have the capacity to achieve a level of work and a level of communication and care for one another and a lifestyle. We can live with one another that we’ve never been able to live before. And we can just do that, and we don’t have to raise a child which the world does not need right now.

“We’re very happy with our choice to not have kids …  I work with a lot of people with kids, and I see definitively that I have more time to both do the things I need to do and the things I enjoy doing than they do,” he continued. “Me and my wife seem to get a lot more active enjoyment out of not having kids than anyone I know seems to get out of having kids.”

“Seth Rogen is the Chelsea Handler of men,” wrote one Twitter user.

In February, Handler released a video titled, “A Day In the Life of a Childless Woman” featuring Handler detailing her day spent consuming edible marijuana, “masturbating,” sleeping, and doing “whatever the f— [she] feels like.”

Many users referred to Handler’s video as “sad”

“This is one of the saddest videos I’ve ever seen,” said Libs of TikTok.

“Single feminists like Chelsea Handler attempt to make fun of women who are happy in their marriages with beautiful children to try make themselves feel better,” said former Planned Parenthood Director turned Pro-Life Advocate Abby Johnson.

“Enjoy your wine nights and your hookups with men you’ll never see again. I’m more than happy with my husband and kids.”

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