Senator Kyrsten Sinema is Rated Favorably By Majority of Both Arizona Democrats and Republicans

By Cassandra Fairbanks

Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema has a majority favorability rating with both voters in her own party and Republicans.

Sinema, a moderate, has often drawn ire from leadership in her own party for refusing to march in lockstep, but that does not appear to be impacting her approval from voters.

A newly released Bendixen & Amandi International poll that was commissioned by Politico found that the senate firebrand is viewed favorably by 52 percent of Arizona Democrats and 51 percent of Arizona Republicans. Among Independents, Sinema also scored well with a 44 percent favorable rating.

Overall, Sinema has a 50 percent approval rating from voters in her state, according to the poll.

Sinema has challenged her own party multiple times, including refusing to support $15 minimum wage or vote to abolish the filibuster.

“It’s no secret that I oppose eliminating the Senate’s 60-vote threshold,” Sinema wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post. “If anyone expected me to reverse my position because my party now controls the Senate, they should know that my approach to legislating in Congress is the same whether in the minority or majority.”

Standing firmly by her principals has made her a popular target of left-wing activists, including many that are now threatening to dump money into primary opponents if she does not cave in to their demands of ending the filibuster and helping to pass the Equality Act.

Last week, over 140 Arizona LGBTQ+ leaders released an ultimatum threatening “direct support, including donations,” to “another Democrat who will use their power as a US Senator to stand up for our rights.”

“You have the power to cast the deciding vote to make [LGBTQ] rights law. Our right to exist, and the rights of black and brown transgender women to live are not up for debate or compromise. Unless we end the filibuster, the Equality Act has no chance of passing the Senate in this polarized climate,” the letter stated. “If you refuse to do this, we will have no choice but to seriously consider whether our support for you, including financial donations, may better serve our community if directed to another Democrat who will use their power as a US Senator to stand up for our rights.”

It does not appear that Sinema is concerned about their threats, which she did not respond to.

Judging by how well-liked she is, these leaders may be in for a challenge getting voters to turn on her anyways.

The pollsters surveyed 600 likely voters in Arizona from June 17-23, with a margin of error of 4%.

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14 responses to “Senator Kyrsten Sinema is Rated Favorably By Majority of Both Arizona Democrats and Republicans”

  1. Race says:

    So glad I get my news from a fellow ape 🙌💎 keep it up Cassandra!

  2. Coyote says:

    Interesting, I literally just saw a commercial saying she was for ending the filibuster.. and she was being influenced by
    the female left.

  3. JohnCordisco says:

    Well said.

  4. JohnCordisco says:

    Well saide.

  5. JPfaff1028 says:

    The way the AZ GOP went after her in the Election was just pure laziness, she’s known in AZ from starting off as a leftie in the green party and then she wrote a book how she learned to be a moderate. How many more people on the right can now relate to her anti-war views, which was inarticulate? And then you appoint MCSally after she lost a race you lost

  6. archangel135 says:

    She votes party line, she plays the part to get elected in a red state.

  7. JB1629 says:

    I am an Arizonan who did not vote for Sinema, I have lived in two blue states in my life and do not want to make it a third. I believe I would move if that were to ever happen. Although there is no evidence of her caving, I have a hard time trusting Dems in general. There are already attack adds from a group called A More Perfect Union against her. She may cave to the pressure over time.
    As far as the LGBTQ+, they look through the lens of one issue and not all of the issues that our country is faced with. There is a video going around of a woman confronting a spa about a “transgender” in the women’s locker room. Imagine, how do you explain to your young daughter why this woman has a penis. There are other solutions available, maybe create separate locker rooms/bathrooms.
    The Dems play the long game. Both the other states I lived in didn’t become the shit holes they are today over night. It happened over time. First it’s one Dem, then another, then a progressive DA who doesn’t prosecute based o the law, but on their beliefs. Next thing you know, 10 maybe 20 years down the road, you live in a shit hole.

  8. MFnHammer says:

    IMGAINE THAT! A democrat who ISN’T progressive bat 💩 crazy is viewed favorably. Who’d have thunk it!

  9. Stevenesparza577 says:

    At least they are not caving into getting rid of the Filibuster. I’ll take that at this point.

  10. Dzack02 says:

    Exactly, all talk until it comes to the vote. Then they fall in line with the party.

  11. riien87 says:

    Sinema / Manchin have been the only ones really preventing the US from completely going full on radical left. Hopefully they can hold up long enough for America first R’s to gain seats.

  12. Cleffy says:

    If you look at Manchin’s and Sinema’s voting record. They are still very much Democrats.

  13. Jesse_Dawn says:

    Her and Manchin need to switch parties.

  14. Turk_Longwell says:

    They already have rights. We all have the same rights, under the letter of the law. Good for her.
    Don’t bend the knee to them bitches. As we learned last night.. a simple two word response is all that’s necessary “Fuck you.”

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