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Sen. Sinema Harassed by DACA Recipient on Flight, Met With Protesters at DC Airport

Senator Kyrsten Sinema was harassed by a woman who said that she was a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipient on her flight to DC on Monday evening.

The Arizona moderate was met with press and protesters upon landing at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

On her flight, Sinema was approached by a woman named Karina Ruiz from the Arizona Dream Act Coalition, an illegal immigrant rights organization.

Ruiz explained that she was a DACA recipient and demanded to know if the senator would support a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens. As Sinema attempted to ignore her, the activist continued to invade her space while filming.

“I don’t recognize her, she once told me she organized the marches in 2010 against SB1070, and when we need her most, she will not stand with us, her silence is betrayal of our trust,” Ruiz wrote on the ADAC Facebook page.

Upon her arrival at the airport, a small number of protesters and press were waiting. They followed her through the building filming themselves talking at her as she attempted to make her way out.

The centrist Democrat appears to be being ambushed everywhere she goes over her refusal to support her party’s $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better Act” reconciliation bill.

Sinema was also followed into the bathroom by protesters at Arizona State University, where she is a lecturer, over the weekend. The demonstrators appear to have broken the law by filming her as she went in to use a stall.

The activists chanted President Joe Biden’s slogan of “Build Back Better” as Sinema attempted to distance herself from them.

Activists also disrupted a fundraiser that the senator attended later that evening at the Royal Palms, prompting her to leave out the back door.

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has also refused to vote for the Build Back Better Act in its current form, but he does not appear to be facing the same type of aggressive confrontations.

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