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SecureIt Responds To Liberty Safe Providing Access Code To FBI

CEO Tom Kubiniec: 'We Keep No Codes'

Residential firearm storage and security company SecureIt responded to fellow firearm storage company Liberty Safe’s decision to provide the FBI with an access code during their investigation of Jan. 6, 2021 protestor Nathan Hughes.

In a Tuesday statement, Liberty Safe cited “company protocol” in their decision to provide access to their products if presented with a valid warrant by law enforcement.

“Recently, Securelt was made aware of and asked to comment on the situation involving the FBI and a well-known safe manufacturer,” reads the company’s statement. “The FBI requested the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they have a warrant to search their property.”

“Their company protocol is to provide these access codes to law enforcement if a warrant grants them access to a property.”

“It is Securelt’s belief and protocol, that the protection of personal property and 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens are paramount,” the company continued. “Our full line of fast access modular safes are not built with any override system, giving our customers full control.”

The company’s statement concluded by stressing the freedom and liberty to possess firearms was the right of every American citizen.

“Securelt will always put those same rights of our current and future customers first.”

SecureIt CEO Tom Kubiniec also responded to Liberty Safe in a Wednesday X post.

“Liberty safe, why would you keep access codes to your safes?” Kubiniec asked the fellow firearm storage company, saying the act violated the cornerstone of security. “Your customer is paying the price.”

“By the looks of it, so are you.”

Kubiniec followed up in another post.

“Security, Responsibly Freedom & Trust- You need all 4,” he wrote. “We keep no codes.”

Liberty Safe detailed the FBI’s request to access Hughes’ safe in a Tuesday statement.

“On August 30, 2023, Liberty Safe was contacted by the FBI requesting the access code to the safe of an individual for whom they had a warrant to search their property,” the company wrote. “Our company protocol is to provide access codes to law enforcement if a warrant grants them access to a property.”

After receiving the request and validating the warrant, the company provided the FBI with an access code.

“Liberty Safe had no knowledge of any of the details surrounding the investigation at the time.”

“Liberty Safe is devoted to protecting the personal property and 2nd amendment rights of our customers and has repeatedly denied requests for access codes without a warrant in the past,” the statement continued. “We do not give out combinations without proper legal documentation being provided by authorities.”

“We regularly update our policies to ensure both compliance with federal and state law and reasonable consumer privacy protections within the law,” Liberty Safe concluded. “First and foremost, Liberty Safe is committed to preserving our customers’ rights, and we will remain unwavering in those values.”

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