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Second House Republican Reverses Decision, Will Support Jordan Speakership

Missouri Rep. Ann Wagner: 'I Am Not, And Will Not, Work With Democrats As Our Republican Conference Comes Together To Elect A Conservative Speaker Of The House'

Missouri Representative Ann Wagner announced she will support Ohio Representative Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House.

Last week, Wagner said she would “absolutely not” back a Jordan Speakership, Politico reported.

The Missouri representative announced her decision in a Monday X post.

“Let me be clear, I am not, and will not, work with Democrats as our Republican Conference comes together to elect a conservative Speaker of the House,” Wagner wrote.

“Too much is at stake to hand control of the House over to radical liberal Democrats, which is why we must elect a conservative as the next Speaker,” Wagner continued. “Throughout my time in Congress, I have always been a team player and supported our Republican nominees out of Conference.”

“Jim Jordan and I spoke at length again this morning,” the Missouri representative wrote. “He has allayed my concerns about keeping the government open with conservative funding, the need for strong border security, our need for consistent international support in times of war and unrest, as well as the need for stronger protections against the scourge of human trafficking and child exploitation.”

Jim Jordan is our conference nominee, and I will support his nomination for Speaker on the House floor,” she concluded.

Wagner originally endorsed House Majority Leader Steve Scalise in his bid for Speaker, though Scalise withdrew his candidacy on Thursday after reports indicated he would not be able to secure a majority vote in Congress.

Jordan secured the GOP nomination on Friday afternoon, garnering 152 votes on a secret ballot. House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, who ran against Jordan for Speaker of the House, had secured the GOP nomination on Wednesday with a total of 113 votes.

On Friday, Georgia Representative Austin Scott launched his campaign for Speaker of the House, though appeared to retract his campaign after Jordan won the GOP nomination.

Some House Republicans, including fellow Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, have expressed support for Jordan. Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert also expressed support for the Ohio representative along with Florida Representative Matt Gaetz, who spearheaded the effort to remove former Speaker Kevin McCarthy from the seat last week.

Despite notable support for Jordan, other House Republicans, including Alabama Representative Mike Rogers and Florida Representative John Rutherford, suggested they may not support the Ohio representative over disagreement with Gaetz’s effort to remove McCarthy.

“I’m a no on allowing Matt Gaetz and the other seven to win by putting their individual in as Speaker,” Rutherford told reporters, adding he still supported McCarthy for the office.

On Monday, Rogers reversed his decision and announced he would support Jordan for Speaker of the House.

To secure Speakership, a nominee must receive 217 out of 435 votes from Congress. Republicans currently hold a nine-seat majority over Democrats in Congress.

A vote to select a new Speaker of the House is expected sometime this week.

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