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Sam Smith Heckled By Angry Irish Woman in NYC — 'You Belong in Hell… You Demonic, Twisted, Sick Bastard!'

An angry Irish woman called out pop star Sam Smith as he walked around a New York City park earlier this week.

The woman berated the 30-year-old “non-binary” star, who recently released a nearly-pornographic music video for his new song “I’m Not Here to Make Friends,” and put on what some have called a “satanic” performance during the Grammy Awards.

The incident appears to have occurred in Central Park near the zoo, and the less-than-warm welcome to the city was caught on camera.

“You belong in hell! Sam Smith belongs in hell! You demonic, twisted, sick bastard,” the woman shouts as the pop star looks at his phone. “Leave the kids alone, you sick f—–r! Sam Smith is a pedophile!”

“You sick motherf—-r, Sam Smith! You’re evil!” the woman continues.

Another person in the video calls Smith a “groomer.”

Smith’s recent satan-themed Grammy performance upset people so much that at least 18 complaints were made to the Federal Communications Commission, according to a report from TMZ.

Following the controversial Grammys performance, Smith took the stage at the 2023 BRIT Awards dressed up as Satan.

“It comes after Sam’s raunchy performance at the 2023 BRIT Awards sparked over 100 complaints to media watchdog Ofcom, after they performed their racy song Unholy during the ceremony,” the Mail reports. “Sam performed the song dressed as the devil, complete with horns coming out of their hat, a similar look which sparked the ire of viewers at the Grammys the week before.”

The Daily Mail reports that Smith was in NYC to meet his rumored boyfriend Christian Cowan’s parents.

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