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Russian Forces Enter Kyiv, Capital Could Fall Within Hours

The Russian military has begun its assault on the capital city, where the combat has taken to neighborhood streets

According to footage shared on social media, Russian tanks have entered a district north of the Ukrainian capital.

Multiple videos, taken by locals from their homes, show the armored vehicles driving through Obolon, just a few miles north of Kyiv’s parliament in the city’s center.

Ukraine’s defense ministry said Russian forces had entered the residential precinct and tweeted that residents should use Molotov cocktails if needed to “neutralize the occupier.”

One video being shared on social media also showed what seems to be a Russian tank driving through the district, smashing a car with a driver still inside.

Another video, posted by Ukrainian journalist Alexander Khrebet, was recorded from a rooftop. An additional video showed civilians’ attempts to rescue the man trapped inside. It was unclear if the driver was seriously injured.

According to news outlet Strana, Kyiv’s leadership has pleaded with residents in the area to stay inside their homes due to the presence of Russian troops.

Ukrainian journalist Kristina Berdynskykh tweeted that Obolon’s metro subway station is overloaded and “can no longer take people seeking shelter.”

“They are asked to go to other stations where there is still space — for example, the Olimpiyskaya metro station,” she said.

Russian forces have surrounded the capital after progressing from several fronts in the north, east, and south of Ukraine amid fears the capital city could fall Friday.

Gunfire has been heard near the government headquarters of the capital, which was hit by rocket attacks overnight. This morning, air raid sirens were heard early, a sign of the incoming siege.

There have been numerous reports of gunfire in residential neighborhoods. According to the Financial Times, Ukraine’s defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov said overnight that thousands of civilians had joined the territorial defense units. He said that Kyiv could be the scene of a street war.

“In Kyiv alone, there are already 18,000 submachine guns and corresponding ammunition,” Reznikov said

It appears Russia intends to take control of the capital, including the Kyiv airport and air traffic control, to enable Russian troops to land in the city.

Moscow will also seek to disable Kyiv’s electricity and communications, seize government buildings, and bring in pro-Russian leaders, BBC reports.

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