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Rippaverse Launches Two-Day $5 Comic Sale

Cover C Of Isom #1 Will Receive A Permanent Price Reduction From Its Original Retail Price Of $35 After The Sale

Independent comic book company Rippaverse launched a two-day $5 comic sale for their debut book Isom #1.

For 48 hours, customers ordering Cover C of ISOM #1 can use promo code “PULLUP” to purchase the book for $5. After the 48-hour sale, Cover C of Isom #1 will receive a permanent price reduction from its original retail price of $35.

Rippaverse is hosting the sale to prepare for the launch of the company’s next series.

“To gear up for ALPHACORE #1 and prep our warehouse for the next mass print book, we’re giving new readers the chance to see the Florespark Except team’s FIRST APPEARANCE in ISOM #1 for the lowest price it will ever be!” Rippaverse announced in a Thursday evening X post. “Use code PULLUP at checkout and get ISOM #1 Cover C for $5 for 48 hours only!”

“After that, the book will receive a permanent price drop!”

In June, Eric D. July, creator and owner of Rippaverse, announced the charity partnership encouraging customers to donate copies of their latest campaign Isom #2 to ComicBooks for Kids (CB4K) at half-price. Shortly after the announcement, Rippaverse also began offering copies of Isom #1 for customers to purchase donations. Over 2,200 books were donated to CB4K.

Last summer, Rippaverse announced their debut comic Isom #1, which garnered over $3.7 million in sales during its initial preorder campaign.

Isom #1 and #2 are written by July, drawn by Cliff Richards, and colored by Gabe Eltaeb.

Rippaverse, which launched in 2022, released a code of ethics for their customers as the company vowed to respect the customer, respect to story canon and continuity, along with providing a comprehensive timeline.

The code of ethics is designed to address the politicization of legacy comic book companies along with a saturation of multiverse storylines and retroactive continuity changes (retcon).

In a late June video, July commented on the state of the comic book industry suggesting the industry was taken over by “ideologues” and other who were never fans of the source material.

“[They] allowed the industry to be taken over by Hollywood and ideologues instead of actually growing in the publication market,” July said, adding that major comic book conferences, including San Diego’s annual Comic Con, had become derailed by not focusing on actual comics. “Most of the attendees probably have never read a comic book in their life, and it doesn’t interest them aside from showing off their cosplays.”

July also touched on comic book shops that sell “everything else other than comics,” citing the Rippaverse had brought in over $5 million in sales since their 2022 launch.

“I actually give a damn about this industry,” he said, adding he wanted to see the industry grow and thrive. “I want my customers to have fun … the anticipation, the enthusiasm … friendship from a fandom that will grow for years.”

July suggested legacy comic book companies may be on their way out of customer favorability, saying creators and retailers would need to choose between sticking it out with legacy companies or “drop the ideological bullcrap” and help save the comic book industry.

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