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Republicans Who Ousted McCarthy Willing To Accept Censure, Suspension, Removal To Elect Jordan

Twenty-five Republicans Voted Against The Speaker-Designate In A Third Ballot

The eight House Republicans who voted to remove California Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the office of Speaker of the House penned an open letter to fellow House Republicans with concessions they were willing to accept to elect Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan Speaker.

The eight Republicans included Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, who spearheaded the effort, along with Andy Biggs and Eli Crane of Arizona, Ken Buck of Colorado, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, Bob Good of Virginia, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, and Matt Rosendale of Montana.

“The recent passage of the Motion to Vacate the Speaker has caused rancor, hurt feelings and acrimony in the House Republican Conference,” reads the open letter. “While we stand by our actions, it is our goal to proceed forward with our colleagues, our teammates, our fellow Republicans in a manner that embraces reconciliation.”

“It has been suggested the Conference cannot move forward until there are consequences for each of us,” the letter continued. “While we violated no rule of either the House or Republican Conference, we understand some in the Conference wish to punish us.”

The letter insisted the effort to remove McCarthy was never about the eight Republicans and only an effort to “change Washington for the better.” The letter also notes Jordan received the GOP nomination as Speaker-Designee last week.

“Therefore, if the holdouts who refuse to vote for the Speaker-Designate Jordan would be willing to ‘vote with the team’ and elect him the 56th House Speaker, we are prepared to accept censure, suspension, or removal from the Conference to accomplish this objective,” they wrote. “We remain proud members of the Republican Party, as nominated by our respective districts.”

“What unites us as Republicans is more important than our disagreements. We must now come together to elect Jim Jordan. ” they concluded. “We offer this sincerely and with the hope of unity with purpose. Our fidelity to Republican virtues and principles remains unwavering.”

As of Friday, Jordan has failed to secure a majority of 217 votes in Congress across three ballots held this week.

During Friday’s ballot, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries received 210 votes from House Democrats as two members of the Conference were absent. Jordan received 194 votes from the Republican Conference.

Twenty-five House Republicans defected from the Speaker-Designate in the third round.

Jordan confirmed he would not withdraw his candidacy for Speaker and will continue seeking support from defecting Republicans.

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