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Republican Lawmaker Has Explosive Placed Outside of New Hampshire Home

Rep. Mike Belcher says that the attack constitutes deadly force, warns that lethal force could be used in response in a future incident

A New Hampshire Republican says that he believes a far-left activist is behind an explosive device that was launched within a few feet of his home earlier this week.

Rep. Mike Belcher, who represents the state’s District Carroll 4, says that while watching television at home on Sept. 5, he heard a whistling sound that reminded him of a mortar.

“So I heard the mortar sound. I was looking at my phone, I looked at the TV,” Belcher told TheBlaze. “A mortar didn’t make any sense on the television, and it kind of hinted to me that I’m hearing it outside.”

After realizing the sound was outdoors, he says he saw a bright light and heard a deafening sound that left his disoriented, with ringing in his ears.

Belcher said he determined he “was under some kind of threat” and went to check the footage from a surveillance camera outside of his home.

As TheBlaze reported:

What he saw on the video is frightening. The video shows a car parked on a nearby road, which is at a higher elevation than the home. A person can then be seen near the vehicle, performing some kind of action.

Moments later, a firework-like explosive shoots off from near where the person had just been and then bursts in the air. Belcher estimated that the explosion occurred “within about 25-50” feet of his home, “just at or above roof level.”

The video then shows that, as the vehicle drives away, burning embers fall to the wooded area below. Belcher has not documented any burn damage in the area, but he has yet to do a thorough examination of his property and his roof. Belcher believes that the explosive was likely a “commercial-grade firework.”

Footage posted to social media platform X confirms that some type of incendiary exploded near his home.

In a separate post, Belcher said, “Launching explosives at somebody constitutes deadly force justifying the use of deadly force in self defense. Launching explosives at a structure is attempted arson, which also justifies the use of deadly force in NH.”

In a subsequent post, he warned of the potential for a lethal force in response, should a similar incident occur in the future.

“So, while it’s important to assess the totality of circumstances in the moment… if you do this to my home again, whoever you are, you should definitely expect incoming fire,” he wrote.

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