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Rep. Gaetz Says Reports He is Considering Gubernatorial Run Are 'Overblown Click Bait'

A new report from NBC News alleged that “Matt Gaetz widely expected to run for Florida governor,” but the congressman told Timcast News that the report is “overblown clickbait.”

The NBC News report cited unnamed sources who claimed that “Gaetz was telling people to basically expect him to be in,” during a reception Sunday night for the incoming speaker of the Florida House.

When contacted for comment by Timcast News, Rep. Gaetz said that his priorities at the moment require him to be in Washington, DC.

“The NBC story is overblown clickbait. I ran into dozens of former colleagues from my days in the state legislature,” Rep. Gaetz said. “They encouraged me relentlessly to consider returning to Florida. I wasn’t focused on any of that talk, though. My sole mission right now is to kill the Donalds CR that funds Ukraine, Jack Smith, and a weaponized Biden government.”

U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds and Rep. Gaetz have been at odds recently over a proposed House budget that would have provided additional funding for Ukraine and the Special Counsel investigation of former President Donald Trump.

“This Continuing Resolution to fund Ukraine and Jack Smith’s election interference is a betrayal of Republicans,” Gaetz posted on X. “We must do better.”

Rep. Donalds has now said on social media that the current continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown will not include funding for Ukraine.

“The 30-day CR does 2 things: 1. Secure the southern border. 2. Cut government spending by 8%,” Donalds posted on X. “There is NO Ukraine $$$. The truth is Congress needs more time to do the necessary spending cuts and reforms to stop the weaponization of our government and save our country.”

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