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Rapper Releases Remix Of 'Rich Men North Of Richmond'

'I Don't Know How Much Longer I Can Take This / Only Looks Like I Got Half Of My Paycheck'

Hollywood, California based rapper Raymond Lott, who performs as “The Marine Rapper,” released a rap rendition of Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Men North Of Richmond.”

The track features a background sample of the viral song released by Anthony earlier this month as Lott raps several verses in a similar sentiment to the song’s original lyrics.

“This for the women who birthed our / Daughters and sons and they nurse our / All of our family / While we are traveling / Trying to get paychecks and work hard,” Lott raps. “I don’t know how much longer I can take this / Only looks like I got half of my paycheck / How can I explain this all to a baby / I know I’ll read her this statement you gave me.”

Lott pulls a letter from his employer out of his pocket informing him he has been laid off.

“Dear Mr. Lott / Know you’ve been working daily round the clock / Gotta provide for the family you got,” Lott performs. “But you laid off / Sincerely your boss / PS: I’m sorry.”

“Isn’t that sounding outrageous?! / How bout you go home and say that! / Go to your daughter and tell her you broke / Cause when your boss will give you some change / You would take it,” Lott concludes. “I am not one to just take it / I am not one to be lazy / Earn what I get I put days in / I am just wanting my payment.”

The track ends with Anthony’s original lyrics declaring, “It’s a damn shame.”

“‘Rich Men North Of Richmond’ has crossed all racial, political and economic lines,” said podcast host Benny Johnson. “It pulls at the universal pain in our hearts as we watch the world get worse around us because of corrupt predator elites.”

Anthony’s original song was shared to YouTube on Aug. 8. The full video has since garnered just under 18 million views. A shorter clip of the video was shared by Anthony to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Aug. 10, which has subsequently received over 25 million views.

The song, portrayed from a working class perspective, features Anthony lamenting over “selling [his] soul” at work for “bull— pay” claiming politicians and other bureaucrats in Washington D.C. “wanna havе totаl control.”

“Wanna know what you think / Wannа know what уоu do / Аnd they don’t think you know / But I knоw that you do,” Anthony sings.  “’Cause your dollar аіn’t s— / And it’ѕ taхed tо no end / ‘сausе of rich men north of richmond”

“I’m still in a state of shock at the outpouring of love I’ve seen in the comments, messages and emails,” Anthony said of the song’s virality.

The song was released to major streaming platforms shortly after.

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