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Domestic Abuser Bailed Out of Jail by Leftist Org Arrested For Murdering Mother of His Children One Week Later

An Oregon man bailed out of jail by the Portland Freedom Fund activist organization has been charged with murdering the mother of his children, just one week after the leftist group secured his release.

The Portland Freedom Fund describes itself on its website as a “volunteer-run abolitionist organization currently dedicated to reducing harms perpetuated against our Black, Brown and Indigenous neighbors by the criminal justice system through posting bail so they may navigate their case from a position of freedom.”

On August 10, Mohamed Osman Adan, 33, was arrested for cutting off a GPS monitor that he was required to wear and violating a no contact order with the mother of his children, Rachael Angel Abraham, 36.

In a May petition for a restraining order, she had accused him of violence and threatening to kill her with a gun.

Abraham was granted a protective order, but on July 26 one of the children allowed Adan into her home. After gaining access, he reportedly strangled and threatened her. He was arrested and held on charges of felony strangulation, coercion and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

This was Adan’s sixth arrest for domestic violence involving Abraham.

Adan was only jailed for ten days when the PFF posted his bail, which had been set at $20,000. Amanda Trujillo, the president of the organization, only had to pay $2,000 (10 percent) to secure his release.

Trujillo did this despite a judge refusing to lower his bail after prosecutor Mackenzie M. Ludwig informed the court that there were “significant lethality factors” that would put the woman in danger if he was freed, according to a report from Fox News.

One week after Trujillo bailed him out, police found the body of Abraham strangled and stabbed to death in her townhome, according to a report from Oregon Live.

Police had been called at approximately 7 a.m. on August 27 after neighbors reported hearing screams, but the call was dropped and the person did not answer when the dispatcher called back.

A few hours later, Adan called police and reported the crime himself. He refused to perform CPR on his victim at the dispatchers instruction.

Neighbors and relatives told Oregon Live that Abraham had six children, two with Adan.

When police arrived at the home, Adan was sitting downstairs with three of the children, ranging in age from two to seven.

Fox News reports, “Officers found Abraham’s body covered with a bedsheet in a child’s bedroom on top of a carpet soaked with blood, according to an affidavit. Prosecutors said her body showed bruises on her neck and arms, cuts to her hands and a large vertical cut across her face. A kitchen knife was found near her body, according to court records.”

The cause of death was determined to be strangulation.

District Attorney Mike Schmidt has condemned the PFF for bailing the dangerous abuser out of jail.

“Our prosecutors aggressively pursued a high bail amount in this case,” Schmidt said in a statement obtained by Fox News. “Mr. Adan’s intent to kill the victim was unambiguous. After the judge set Adan’s bail, the Portland Freedom Fund undermined our efforts and the efforts of the court to save the victim’s life by using their resources to bail him out.”

“When a judge imposes bail, the defendant’s ability to pay is among the factors they consider. The action taken by the Portland Freedom Fund circumvented this, with tragic results. We offer our deepest condolences to the family of the victim, and will dedicate our efforts to the full prosecution of this matter,” the statement continued.

On Tuesday, the Portland Freedom Fund posted a statement about the murder on their Facebook page.

“Our thoughts are with the families and communities affected by this tragedy, particularly the children who have effectively lost both parents,” the statement began. “It is a profound tragedy when any person is harmed. We know this personally, and we believe that people who have been harmed need and deserve access to community supports, trauma services, and healing. In line with our community values we actively work to participate in harm repair/restorative practices when identified. This incident will be a priority for any opportunity to join in that work with those directly impacted.”

The statement concluded by saying that “in Mr. Adan’s specific case, the court had deemed him eligible for bail release and he was referred to us as a financial provider for two small children with a letter of community support. Along with support he was receiving from the community, we were in contact with Mr. Adan throughout the time between his release and re-arrest and did not receive any indications for concern.”

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