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Popular Youtuber Gothix Describes Her Experience Voting In Rhode Island Primaries

Election Workers Were Already Preparing To Give Her A Democratic Ballot Before She Corrected Them

Popular Youtuber Gothix claimed election workers automatically assumed she would be voting Democrat on Tuesday During The Rhode Island Primary election in a video posted to her Twitter.

In the video, Gothix says she is unaffiliated to any political party and appeared to claim that election poll workers were profiling her and stated they had already pre-selected a Democratic ballot for her before she had finished signing in to vote on Tuesday. The YouTuber noted that the experience leading up to checking in was relatively standard, though claimed a woman working the polling station appeared surprised at her request for a Republican ballot.

“She thought I made a mistake, and so I had to reach over and hit ‘confirm’ to submit my choice,” Gothix said. “What if I didn’t hit confirm? Would they have gone back and changed it? Would I just be stuck with a Democrat ballot? It’s weird that I even have to contemplate that.”

The woman who had allegedly profiled the YouTuber as a Democratic voter appeared rattled as the other poll worker mentioned she needed the Republican ballot instead, according to Gothix.

“It’s like I short circuited her brain … This black lady is voting Republican? What?” she said.

Gothix continued to cast her vote after being given the correct ballot but noted the election workers appeared upset about their interaction.

“The look on their face would be what I would think someone would look like if someone took a dump in their cereal for breakfast,” she said. “They were pissed.”

The #RhodeIsland primaries are happening today and the voting nonsense has already started 😒 😒,” the Youtuber said in the tweet.

“This is the problem with the world that we live in. We are surrounded by people that think that everyone in their vicinity believes the same things that they do,” she continued in the video. “It’s a damn shame.”
Gothix also mentioned that her husband, who she claimed was voting during her recording, had texted her saying he was told he had already voted by election workers.
“Make sure you hit ‘submit’ on all these tablets, alright?” she said toward the end of the video. “We have to get involved. We can’t keep complaining that things never change and these elections aren’t secure if we’re not up here applying for these polling positions.”
Early voting in the Rhode Island primary began on Aug. 24. Photo IDs are required to vote in Rhode Island, according to the state’s Board of Elections page.
Notable offices voted on in Tuesday’s primary included Rhode Island’s Gubernatorial race by current Gov. Dan McKee who won the Democratic primary and is seeking reelection. McKee will be facing Republican Gubernatorial nominee Ashley Kalus, according to Ballotpedia. Rhode Islanders also voted on their House District 2 primaries resulting in Democrat Seth Magaziner and Republican Allan Fung’s nomination to face off this November.
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