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Pelosi Announces $45,000 Minimum Salary For House Staffers

The speaker of the House said it was an 'issue of fairness, as many of the youngest staffers working the longest hours often earn the lowest salaries'

In an announcement on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that she is raising the minimum pay for House Staffers to $45,000 annually. 

In a letter obtained by Punchbowl news, Pelosi notified the members of the House of two significant changes to financial budgets, both tied to payroll. 

In the letter, Pelosi said “the House will for the first time ever set the minimum annual pay for staff at $45,000.”

According to a study by IssueOne, the average Congressional aide’s salary can range from $20,000 to $50,000 a year, with the median being about $39,000. The highest-paid congressional staffers earn yearly salaries of $60,000 or higher.

According to the study, “13% of D.C.-based congressional staff made less than a living wage in 2020.” The study said that a change in base pay would “help Congress attract and retain a diverse and capable workforce.”

The pay raise comes amidst an apparent desire for better pay among staffers. According to the same report, only 34% of staffers reported being content with their income. Further, the report states that 45% admitted they had “seriously considered looking for employment elsewhere.”

She noted that the new increase “will open the doors to public service for those who may not have been able to afford to do so in the past.” 

“This is also an issue of fairness, as many of the youngest staffers working the longest hours often earn the lowest salaries,” she said.

Pelosi also announced a base pay increase for members of Congress. 

Just last year, Pelosi increased the base salary for Congress to $199,300. Today she announced she was going to “again increase” the base salary of the members of Congress to $203,700 in an effort to “match the Senate’s increase.”

Pelosi noted that her intention of introducing the pay increases for Congressional staff was to enable the chamber to attract and retain an improved and diverse workforce. 

In March of this year, President Biden’s $1.5 trillion spending bill included a 21% increase in payroll funding intended to cover such raises. 

In the letter, Pelosi went on to notify members of the House they have until Sept. 1, 2022 to implement the payroll changes. 

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