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Parents of Michigan High School Shooter Arrested, Plead Not Guilty

The pair are in custody after fleeing for ‘Fear of their own safety’.

After nearly 24 hours of an intense manhunt, the parents of alleged school shooter, Ethan Crumbley, were apprehended while hiding in a local Detroit art gallery. 

The Michigan couple were located and arrested early Saturday morning, according to Detroit police. James and Jennifer Crumbley were found on the first floor of an industrial building on Bellevue Street, near where their vehicle was spotted overnight.

They were booked early Saturday morning into the Oakland County Jail, where their son is incarcerated. 

Jennifer and James Crumbley were scheduled to be arraigned at 4 p.m. ET Friday. 

James Crumbley bought the semiautomatic handgun recovered in the attack four days before the shooting, said Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald. She called the parents’ actions “egregious.”

The chief of the Detroit Police Department said a tip led them to the commercial building where they found the couple.

“There was video that had one of the fugitives entering the building,” Chief White said in a press conference Saturday morning.

White said the Crumbleys – who were declared fugitives after failing to show up for a court hearing on involuntary manslaughter charges – were unarmed and did not resist when officers found them.

“They appeared to be hiding in the building,” White said. He added that they were “aided” in getting access to the building. Charges have yet to be filed for those involved in that assistance. 

On Saturday morning, the parents entered “not guilty” pleas to all charges against them.

After formal presentation of the charges, James and Jennifer Crumbley both responded, “I understand.”

The Crumbleys were formally charged Friday with four counts of involuntary manslaughter over the shootings their 15-year-old son is accused of carrying out on Tuesday, killing 4 and wounding 7 others at Oxford High School in Michigan

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10 responses to “Parents of Michigan High School Shooter Arrested, Plead Not Guilty”

  1. pass.the.milk says:

    I live in a town next to where the shooting took place, there are a lot of things about it that are not being conveyed. One being that this shooting was part of a “hit week” where kids from a different school districts were going to take part every day of the week. Thankfully the authorities were able to put a stop to this. Next is that students and parents had put out concerns for this kid, and the school assured them they were handling it. He was posting things on social media such as pictures of the gun, changed his Instagram about section talking about how he was the bringer of death, and even a count down to when he was going to start the shooting. Then he threw a deer head on school grounds and wrote on the windows. Literally just before the shooting they had the student and the parent’s in the office bringing up the concerns with the rumors they had been hearing. Why would they not conduct a search just to be sure? Last but not least, him and his father had purchased the handgun from a local gun shop where the kid was talking about how it was going to be his, last time I had purchased a gun I had to be careful with how I talked to the worker. While I agree that everyone should posses a firearm, I also have concerns with gun safety. Legally you cannot buy a hand gun under the age of 18, so with the way he was talking in the store it should not have been allowed to be sold.

    For those who think that the parent’s shouldn’t be charged at all for the situation, I couldn’t disagree with you more. I do not fully agree that they should be charged with involuntary manslaughter, they should be at least charged with neglect, both of a firearm and of a child. The parents had withdrew thousands of dollars from an ATM and were caught in a warehouse in Detroit with suspicion of trying to flee the country.

    The problems that I have with the situation is that it was not taken seriously enough. The parents failed, the schoolboard failed, the authorities failed and the gun shop owner failed. Everyone talks on how the mainstream media constantly lies, but yet when it comes to situations that occurred nowhere near them, its the first thing they refer to. I am not talking about the reporters on this amazing website but those in the comments. The Oakland County Sheriff also came out and said they had no information on this kid, yet I have heard parents talking about how they were worried and reported this to the police and they were told that the school was handling it. The school had also released a news letter stating they acknowledge that rumors were going around and assuring the safety of students and staff two weeks prior.

    As for the football player who was killed, yes he was trying to play superman, but that doesn’t mean you should bad mouth the kid for trying to do what he thought was best. You didn’t know what was going on at the time, don’t talk bad about those who lost their life’s. Like I said before, I am not aiming this towards you Tim, I am just replying to those in the comment section.

  2. shadowx717 says:

    Sins of the son are now sins of the parents huh? How very communist of them. It’s too bad the parents didn’t make it to another state or country for protection, they’re very likely going to be railroaded with all possible force.

  3. Old_Frog says:

    You got it. Of course they are going to run. They don’t see a fair shake in their future.

  4. Rawdog says:

    I read about this incident and I think, White people (only) involved, what is REALLY going on?

    So, here is what I have so far. . .
    White kid likes guns (very cool). . .NO People Of Color involved (perhaps marginally). . .So NO “racism” involved. . .BUT. . .kid BULLIED by other kids (scum). . .That football player really was just a pile of shit who thought he was superman. . .The other fucks were LARPing when they ran out that window. . .He wasn’t “crazy”, just had had ENOUGH.

    But why are they going after the parents?

    They want to make it so that NO person under the age of 18 will be allowed to TOUCH a firearm.

    They are working to take guns from the next generation. After all, if a kid doesn’t use firearms, chances are that they won’t purchase a firearm when an “adult”.

    Why do you fucks reading this have such a problem with this kid?????

    You wouldn’t if you were reading a novel, you wouldn’t if . . . say. . . he was one of the 3 Little Pigs & the bullies were the Big Bad Wolves. . . SO WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM ASSHOLES????

  5. veloravelvet says:

    Dude –

    Are you actually implying that these parents condoned this? That they thought for one second this was going to happen? DO you even understand how bad schools are now? Because I know…and see it every day.

    A man who was caught on video stabbing his naked roommate in a lobby 48 times, killing that person, was released without bail because he had never been violent before. How many criminals were let loose in Michigan this past week..?

    But a full on MANHUNT was called on a couple of scared people who are going to take the fall for every parent and gun owner with kids in this country…? Yeah…seems legit.

  6. veloravelvet says:

    Not just “gun owners”….parents as well. They have taken communications between a parent and their child and put them out publicly without adding context in an attempt to make them look like people who condoned this – when in reality any parent who actually thought their child would even consider this (and wasn’t just being edgy) would have NEVER made those kinds of comments. I’m actually interested in hearing the while story…not what the media deems relevant to make their case. But I am also horrified that their parental skills are being judged by one or two sentences. The implications of that on any parent or child who becomes a target for any reason is a frightening prospect.

    We KNOW the news creates the narratives that benefit their political battles. Guns and parental rights are the issues right now. Especially with parents holding their school districts accountable.

    I said this under another article here, but it needs to be said again…they are not only coming for our freedoms and guns…they are also coming for our kids. They want them jabbed and masked and being fed marxist propaganda through SEL/CRT in schools. They don’t like that we are challenging them. There are NO protections for parents to represent their child in a court of law or even in a school board meeting. This is why so many of us have banned together to file pro-se lawsuits against school districts all over the country, and writs of mandamus against the governors of 48 states (funny no one is even mentioning that – it should be HUGE news)…because we need to create case law so we have a leg to stand on when they try to make the US into Australia. And they will try.

  7. nrol34 says:

    I guess they were Crumbley crackers that liked guns.

  8. AutumnShades says:

    In one of her press conferences, the Oakland County prosecutor made it very clear. She wanted the parents “held accountable” to “Send a message to gun owners.” They’re not parents of the year, and their kid deserves the chair, but this prosecution isn’t about them. If you own a gun in Michigan it’s about YOU. The left has been rattled since the Rittenhouse trial verdict, ignored the Waukesha killing, and are going full bore on this for one reason and one reason alone. Guns. Be mad at the kid, be mad at the parents, but don’t be stupid when it comes to what this prosecution is actually about.

  9. henk says:

    they arrested them for not attending the court which i think sounds pretty standard. all the rest is hearsay. they aren’t being put in jail for the crime they are being charged with but just that they didn’t show up to court. which is fair enough.

  10. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    Of course they’re ‘innocent’! That’s exactly WHY they took $4,000.00 out of their bank account , then ran for the Canadian Border!!! NOT!!
    Nothing says “GUILTY” like running for the Border! Nothing says “innocent” like telling your Son not to get caught ordering Ammunition!!!!!!