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Norway Puts an End to Most COVID Restrictions

Norway joins many other nations, such as Denmark and South Africa, ending most all COVID restrictions as the virus reaches endemic levels

On Tuesday, Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre announced the end of most of the nation’s Covid-19 restrictions.

“Today, we have finally reached the point at which we can remove many of the anti-infection measures we have lived with this winter,” Støre said in a press briefing.

The prime minister said that Norway’s high vaccination rate and the milder Omicron variant made it possible to end most restrictions. 

Some of the changes include allowing bars and restaurants to serve alcohol after 11 pm. The recommended limit on the number of people who can gather in private homes will end. Outdoor and indoor events will not have capacity limits.

Additionally, amusement parks, arcades, and similar public attractions may reopen but with proper sanitation provisions in place. Movie theatres, churches, and public venues that utilize fixed seating for guests may now return to full capacity. Social distancing rules in such venues is no longer in force. 

Norway’s recommendation for schools and kindergartens to operate with reduced class sizes and social distancing has been removed. Universities and higher education institutions have been advised that all students can be physically present without social distancing.

Isolation periods following a positive COVID-19 test will now be reduced to four days.

The work from home requirement has also been removed from all employers in the nation.

Visitors to Norway will no longer be required to take a COVID-19 test upon arrival. 

The only remaining rules to remain are concerning public masking. Face masks are to be used in stores, public transportation, and other locations when it is impossible to practice social distancing.

The updated guidelines and changes are set to take effect at 11 pm on Tuesday.

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