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North Carolina Police Chief Suspended After Telling Officers How to Get COVID Vaccine Card Without Shots

T.J. Smith, police chief of Oakboro Town, North Carolina, was placed on unpaid leave for 2 weeks and probation for 6 months beginning Dec. 21.

Local officials said that a North Carolina police chief has been placed on unpaid leave and probation for telling officers about a “clinic” that would issue them a COVID-19 vaccination card without receiving the shot.

T.J. Smith, police chief of Oakboro Town, North Carolina, violated policies including fraud, willful acts that endanger the property of others and serving a conflicting interest when he allegedly told officers about the scheme.

Town Administrator Doug Burgess outlined the allegations in a letter addressed to the police chief.

According to the letter, the violations resulted from “detrimental personal conduct including notifying law enforcement officers to attend a ‘clinic’ where they would be able to obtain proof of COVID 19 vaccination cards without being vaccinated.”

The letter, released Tuesday, says Smith was placed on unpaid leave for two weeks and probation for six months beginning Dec. 21. Smith has the right to appeal the action according to the letter.

The disciplinary measures came after the town hired Blue Chameleon Investigations to conduct an independent probe into the matter. 

Smith gave the following statement regarding the allegation to a local newspaper this week: 

“To make a long story short, in retrospect, I made a mistake. After I got off the phone with that friend, I called two other officers (not in my department) and passed on information about what was described as a ‘self-vaccination’ clinic. I got one phone call, hung up and made two others. I didn’t sit back and digest the information, ruminate on it, or otherwise give it much thought. I just passed it on.”

The accusations of fraud and misconduct regarding vaccines come as the Omicron variant surges in the U.S. 

North Carolina could see as many as 10,000 COVID-19 cases a day at the peak in January, as stated earlier this week by Dr. Mandy Cohen, the state’s Department of Health and Human Services secretary.

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  1. IntegratedCrazy says:

    Good man.

  2. wescom says:

    I really want to see Scooby Do PSA pushing the mandate. Just imagine what villain Freddy might unmask.


    Merry Christmas everybody!


  3. Frodiesel says:

    Where was this facility again?

  4. CrispyBacon says:

    Hopefully once the mandates are deemed unconstitutional this man is hailed as a hero of the force and makes some cash on a civil lawsuit.

  5. Devilsgun says:

    Hard times for heroes and good people. Fuck the mandates, fuck the cards, Fuck Joe Biden and his shitbag administration

  6. Chas says:

    Last time that chief will tell the narc squad.

  7. pandusa says:

    I am NC resident.Vaccine mandate is violation of civil right and the Constitution They know and they don’t care. Enough of this nonsense. Sometimes like now, I get kinda down and listen to a song that has become my anthem.
    Another World/Girl- Another Planet-The Only Ones’78/Blink 182-2005/Ash- 2021
    (I like The Only Ones best -killer intro- I rattle the pictures on the wall with it sometimes)

    I always flirt with death. I look ill , but I don’t care about it. We can take their threats and stand up STRAIGHT and TALL and SHOUT about it!
    I think I’m on another world with you. I think I’m on another planet with you…With you. I’m on another planet with you.
    (Take it Timcast)
    Y’all get under our skin. We don’t find it irritating. We’re all playin to win. Reason don’t need rehabilitating.
    I think I’m on another world with you. With you…
    I’m on another planet with you… With you.
    (Ok, I change a minor word or two, but you know how I am. I could have more malevolent coping skills.) What I am trying to say – Timcast Crew / Luke and company, members and commenters is -If I have to be on another world/planet, I am glad it is with you guys and you are a part of my world.
    We are the descendants of the” Greatest Generation” and we shall endure and …
    MAKE America what it was INTENDED to be! Have a great/safe holiday!