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'Non-Binary' Influencer Posts Video of Himself Crying Over Being Featured in Trump's New Campaign Ad (VIDEO)

James Rose, a biological male influencer who identifies as “non-binary” and “transgender,” posted a video of himself crying over being featured in former President Donald Trump’s latest campaign ad.

Rose is featured in the ad alongside transgender activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In a video posted to his TikTok account, Rose reacted to the campaign ad by saying, “I saw it, and I kind of fell apart.”

Through tears, Rose continued, “I didn’t want to tell you that because I didn’t want to look weak — and it’s like, oh my God, that’s so stupid, I cry on the internet all the time. Like, why is today any different?”

“I didn’t want to share this either, but I felt shame” the influencer, who has over 486,000 followers on TikTok continued. “I felt shame about being public about my transition, being bubbly and fun and loving life, and I thought ‘Oh, maybe if I were just different, then maybe I wouldn’t have, like, failed my community in this way.'”

The tears continued for a bit longer, before switching to vowing to defend transgender people.

@jamesissmiling Trump used me & Dylan in his latest presidential campaign ad. Let this be fodder to fight hardee for trans people everywhere. #transisbeautiful #nonbinarypride #stoptransgenocide ♬ original sound – jamesissmiling

“This presidential campaign — I’m just predicting it’s going to be horrible,” Rose said. “Not only for James personally… but for trans people in general. We are going to have to hold each other in community tighter than ever.”

“We are beautiful, we are wonderful, and we are part of the fabric of society,” he continued. “No matter how hard they attack us, I will love us twice as hard, and I’m not the only one.”

The response video had nearly two million views at the time of publishing.

In a subsequent video, Rose claimed that many gay men were now hitting him up after seeing the ad. He claimed that thanks to Trump, he may be able to “get my d-ck wet” when he returns to New York City.

The following video contains graphic language and adult themes. Viewer discretion is advised.

@jamesissmiling This is a video for Donald Trump. #transisbeautiful #gaytiktok #nonbinarypride #stoptransgenocide ♬ original sound – jamesissmiling

Trump’s ad is titled “Invasion of America” and states “the global elitists who send your kids to war, who tell you a woman is a man and that a man is a woman, who teach your children their country, their faith, their beliefs, are a lie — they have corrupted every facet of American government, weaponized it against you.”

Trump’s ad has been viewed 669,000 times on Facebook at the time of publishing.

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