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Michael Knowles Details Reasoning For His Week-Long YouTube Suspension

The Daily Wire Host Was Suspended For Reportedly Violating The Platform's 'Hate Speech' Policies

Daily Wire host Michael Knowles has revealed the reasoning for his week-long YouTube suspension.

Last Friday, Knowles and fellow Daily Wire host Candace Owens were suspended from YouTube for seven days after receiving a second strike on their accounts.

On Monday, co-CEO of the conservative media outlet Jeremy Boreing discussed their suspensions, suggesting YouTube’s decision was directly related to their coverage of transgenderism.

A Daily Wire spokesperson also noted the violations stemmed from videos over a year old.

“This is YouTube manually digging and reviewing internally, not user-generated reports,” the spokesperson told Timcast News.

Knowles revealed YouTube’s reasoning for his week-long suspension in a Wednesday tweet thread.

Knowles shared a previous episode of The Michael Knowles Show, which has since been removed from YouTube, in which the Daily Wire host elaborated on comments made during his 2023 CPAC speech regarding transgenderism.

“We have to live according to the delusions of these troubled people,” Knowles said during the episode regarding ideas proposed by transgender ideology.

“According to YouTube, this opinion, which has been held by virtually every person who has ever lived, implies that some groups are ‘mentally inferior,’ and thus constitutes ‘hate speech.'”

Knowles shared another clip featuring a young woman crying after receiving a card from her grandmother addressed to the woman’s birth-name and biological sex. The Daily Wire host praised the grandmother’s message: “This is how you respond to any loved one, any family member, any friend who tells you that he or she is now transgender.”

The Daily Wire host revealed YouTube claimed his response to the video suggesting a loved one may have psychological problems constituted “hate speech.”

“Of course, the belief that one is the opposite sex is itself a mental illness involving a defect of perception,” Knowles wrote. “But transgender identity also correlates with a whole host of other mental disorders such as anxiety, anorexia, depression, and suicidality, among others.”

In another clip shared by Knowles, the Daily Wire host refers to TikTik influencer Dylan Mulvaney, who identifies as a transgender woman, as a “he.”

“This proper use of the English language, which YouTube calls ‘misgendering,’ apparently constitutes ‘hate speech’ under the new rules,” he said.

Knowles shared another clip discussing French occultist Éliphas Lévi’s depiction of Knights Templar demon Baphomet. The Daily Wire host referred to the deomon’s depiction as “androgynous” — which YouTube claimed violated their hate speech policy.

“The opinion for which YouTube banned me this week is not only true but also commonly held,” Knowles continued. “It’s the view of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. It’s the view of philosophers and biologists.”

“Today, if you state that view on YouTube, you could be banned for ‘hate speech.'”

Knowles concluded the thread by informing viewers to watch episodes of The Michael Knowles Show on the program’s Twitter account.

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