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Biden Fosters Confusion During 30-Minute Press Briefing

During a 30-minute press briefing on Friday, President Biden failed to clearly answer any questions surrounding his exit strategy from Afghanistan.

At one point, the Commander-in-Chief launched a three-minute, incoherent response when simply asked if Americans could safely get to the airport in Kabul.

“You said there’s no circumstances where American citizens cannot get to the airport. That doesn’t square with the reporting on the ground. Are you saying any American who wants to get to the airport can get there?” asked one journalist from the press pool.

“I thought the question was, how can they get through the airport, outside the airport, the answer is, to the best of our knowledge, the Taliban checkpoints, they are letting through, people … That’s why we had to, I guess yesterday, or the day before? We went over the wall, and brought in, how many?” Biden said.

“My guess is, no matter what, under what circumstances, we, anyone, there’s not a whole lot of Afghanis, there’s a whole lot of Afghanis who just as soon come to America,” he concluded.

The President made similar comments when speaking with ABC News earlier this week.

“The commitment holds to get everyone out that, in fact, we can get out and everyone that should come out. And that’s the objective. That’s what we’re doing now, that’s the path we’re on. And I think we’ll get there.”

He continued: “As many as we can get out, we should. For example, I had a meeting today for a couple hours in the Situation Room just below here. There are Afghan women outside the gate. I told ’em, ‘Get ’em on the planes. Get them out. Get them out. Get their families out if you can.’”

Watch Biden’s comments above.

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6 responses to “Biden Fosters Confusion During 30-Minute Press Briefing”

  1. Devilsgun says:

    Golly, at least President Bumbles doesn’t make meanie tweets though!

    Rest of the world is in sheer chaos and likely to go over the brink because of this bumbling dumb fuck and cunt administration but hey at least the fucking Karens aren’t triggered right?

    I hope they burn first so I can get some well-deserved Schadenfreude before I too get yeeted into the Void

  2. Mamamadness0406 says:

    **him not “Jim”.

  3. Mamamadness0406 says:

    It’s evident that he isn’t all there but the reporting in this article makes it sound a lot worse than it actually was. I support Timcast because the quotes here are usually verbatim. Not this time. The written quote was a jumble that was attention grabbing and worth talking about. The video with the actual press conference was fairly coherent and less concerning than I thought it would be. There was a moment where he clearly lost his ability to complete a sentence but he did make sense for quite a bit of it. If you’re going to quote Jim, just quote him. Don’t be like CNN and edit the quotes to fit your agenda.

  4. prcntm says:

    Framing aside, it’s a little terrifying that he really couldn’t seem to put together a complete sentence. We all hate public speaking, but most of the time a normal person can at least make complete sentences before reaching for the filler words or tangentially jumping from point to point. We’re in real trouble if we continue to let this man pretend to run a country.

  5. DavidPrime says:

    The framing in the article makes it sound a lot worse than what he says in the video.

  6. Wolv256 says:

    Stupid looking at him as stupid and start looking at him like he is evil.

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