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Maury Povich Announces Retirement After 31 Years

Povich is finally stepping away after setting a record as the longest-running talk show host in television history

After more than 30 years, famed daytime talk show host Maury Povich is retiring, with the final episodes of “Maury” scheduled to air in September.

On Monday, NBC Universal confirmed the upcoming retirement of the 83-year-old television host. 

Fans can be sure that older episodes of “Maury” will live on after NBC said that “the show has thousands of lively, entertaining and dramatic episodes that will continue to be successful in daytime for years to come.”

In a statement, Maury said, “I’m so proud of my relationship with NBC Universal and all those who worked on the ‘Maury’ show but as I occasionally tell my guests on ‘Maury,’ enough already.”

The daytime talk show discovered a successful formula for attention that has continued to work for most of its existence. Maury developed the strategy of using tests to reveal paternity results of those in question or lie detectors to see if a spouse is cheating or not. This high drama approach garnered lots of attention and ratings for the talk show. 

Maury’s audience has been loyal and the show has been able to reach multiple generations, now mostly watched by an audience much younger than the host himself.

Before venturing into the world of talk shows, Povich was a television journalist. He anchored multiple local news shows in major cities across the nation, including Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. 

Povich’s co-anchor in Los Angeles was journalist Connie Chung. The two television hosts married in 1984.

In 1986, he took his spot as the host of the entertainment news show “A Current Affair.”

Then in 1991, he launched “The Maury Povich Show” with Paramount. The show moved to NBC Universal in 1998 when the show’s name was shortened to “Maury.”

Povich is the longest-running daytime talk show host in the history of broadcast television.

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