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Matt Gaetz Drafts Subpoena For Hunter Biden On Behalf Of McCarthy

Gaetz: 'Millions Of Americans Are Wondering If You're Serious'

Florida representative Matt Gaetz drafted a subpoena for Hunter Biden on behalf of Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

Gaetz’s draft follows what he referred to as “eight months of inaction” by McCarthy, who assumed office in January after a historically contentious speaker vote. The Florida representative was an outspoken critic of McCarthy’s bid for Speakership.

The subpoena cites the House of Representative’s duty to investigate President Joe Biden’s alleged bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors following the announcement of the House’s impeachment inquiry into the president.

Gaetz’s subpoena draft requires McCarthy’s signature to proceed.

“Millions of Americans are wondering if you’re serious,” wrote the Florida representative in a X post.


“This subpoena hereby orders the production of relevant documentary material as set forth on the attached schedule, followed by your participation in one or more days of deposition testimony,” reads Gaetz’s draft. “The deposition will be under oath and will be led by the professional staff of the Judiciary Committee as well as members.”

Per the drafted subpoena, Hunter may raise relevant privilege objections to specific questions during the proposed deposition. Hunter is also instructed to inform the Judiciary Committee if he intends to invoke the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination regarding his testimony.

“Likewise, for any document described in the schedule, you may make relevant objections in a privilege log, which shall be produced to the Judiciary Committee by the subpoena return date,” the drafted subpoena continues. “Any privilege assertions should be made with accompanying information sufficient to allow an informed assessment of the validity of the asserted privilege.”

Gaetz’s drafted subpoena requests correspondence between President Joe Biden and Hunter, “including sent and received emails, attachments, and metadata” along with any communication with domestic and foreign business partners from January 2008 to present. The subpoena similarly requests all text messages and multimedia messages between President Biden, Hunter, and other domestic or foreign business partners from the same time period.

Hunter is also requested to provide records of phone calls, call logs, and call details between himself and his father, along with documents, contracts, agreements, financial records, and communications related to foreign business partnerships or ventures in which he may have been involved in during the aforementioned time period.

McCarthy has not responded to Gaetz’s drafted subpoena as of Tuesday afternoon.

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