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Massie Offers Solution For School Shootings, Bowman Shouts At Him

'There’s Never Been A School Shooting In The Hundreds Of Schools That Allow Staff To Carry'

New York representative Jamaal Bowman began shouting at Kentucky representative Thomas Massie after he suggested armed teachers could assist in preventing school shootings.

Bowman shouted criticisms of opponents of gun control efforts, referring to them as “cowards.”

“Pressure them, force them to respond to the question, ‘Why the hell won’t you do anything to save America’s children?'” Bowman shouted. “Let them explain that all the way up until Election Day 2024! They’re freaking cowards! They’re gutless!”

At that point, Massie walked into frame and asked what the New York representative was talking about.

“I’m talking about gun violence!” Bowman shouted back.

“You know there’s never been a school shooting in a school that allows teachers to carry,” Massie said as Bowman became agitated with the Kentucky representative’s remark.

“More guns leads to more death!” Bowman yelled at Massie, who calmly attempted to explain his position. “You’re carrying water for the gun lobby!”

“States that have open carry laws have more death!” Bowman yelled as Massie reiterated “There’s never been a shooting” at campuses that allow teachers to carry weapons.

The New York representative then became more agitated, yelling,”Children are dying!” as Massie insisted he had a solution.

“The solution is not arming teachers!” Bowman said, repeatedly asking Massie if he ever worked in a school.

When Massie addressed Bowman’s shouting, the New York representative responded, “I’ll bring it down a notch.”

The Kentucky representative turned to people recording the altercation saying, “All right, folks. I’ve got a bill to repeal the federal —” though was cut off as Bowman, who resumed yelling, “I worked in a school for 20 years!”

“I was a teacher! I was a school counselor! I was a middle school principal! I was in cafeterias protecting kids every day of my career!” Bowman shouted as Massie continued attempting to explain his position.

“We’ve got guns here to protect us and he doesn’t believe that kids should have somebody to protect them,” Massie said as Bowman continued shouting in the background. “Every school that’s allowed it has never had a shooting. Not even an accidental discharge at any of the schools.”

“He wanted to discuss solutions to school shootings, but when I offered a solution he began shouting. When he asked for data, I gave him data, but then he just shouted more,” Massie responded to the video in a Twitter post. “Bring facts. There’s never been a school shooting in the hundreds of schools that allow staff to carry.”

The altercation follows Monday’s shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee which killed six people including three children.

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