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March For Our Lives Co-Founder David Hogg Removed From House Judiciary Committee Hearing on Guns After Outburst

March For Our Lives co-founder David Hogg was removed from the House Judiciary Committee hearing on the 2021 “Assault Weapons” Ban and the Equal Access for Victims of Gun Violence Act.

Hogg rose to prominence for his activism following the 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School, where he was a student, in Parkland, Florida. Seventeen people were killed and another 17 were injured during the attack by a fellow student.

The activist interrupted the hearing to accuse lawmakers of using “racist” talking points in their opposition to the gun control measures.

Rep. Biggs had said that people in his state of Arizona need weapons to protect themselves because of the flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border.

The congressman said, “the reality is it is an invasion of our southern border.”

At this point, Hogg leapt from his seat and began shouting at the lawmaker.

“The shooter at my high school: anti-Semitic, anti-Black and racist. The shooter in El Paso described it as an invasion,” Hogg shouted at Rep. Andy Biggs.

“Those guns are coming from the United States of America. They aren’t coming from Mexico,” he continued. “You are reiterating the points of a mass shooter, sir.”

As he was being removed from the room, Hogg shouted, “you are perpetuating violence … stop these things now.”

During the interruption, someone in the room could be heard shouting “go David!”

Hogg tweeted out a video of his outburst, writing, “the guns in Parkland, Buffalo, El Paso, didn’t come from Mexico. They came from the US, and the shooters were inspired by racist, anti-black, anti-immigrant manifestos that rhyme with GOP talking points.”

After Hogg was removed from the room, Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee stated, “I just want to respect the gentleman who could not take it anymore and had to express himself. I acknowledge his pain.”

The bill the committee was debating would ban semi-automatic weapons, sometimes referred to as “assault weapons,” particularly by those who support gun control. The legislation was proposed last year, but did not make it to the Senate.

Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, has pleaded guilty to 17 counts of murders and 17 counts of attempted murder. The trial is now in the penalty phase and a jury will decide if he is sentenced to the death penalty.

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