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UPDATE: California Man Arrested On Day State Of Emergency Ends Has GoFundMe Blocked

'Anyone Know A Good Attorney In CA Who Will Help Me?’

Jordan Henry, who was issued a citizen’s arrest and misdemeanor for “trespassing” after refusing to wear a mask during an eye appointment at a Kaiser facility in Pasadena, said GoFundMe has reportedly blocked donations for his attorney fees.

“Only 4 donations were accepted on GoFundMe, and a dozen people told me their donations were declined,” Henry said. “It’s still up and running, but it’s not working.”

Henry has created a donation page with GiveSendGo seeking donations for legal fees fighting the misdemeanor.

Original Story:

A California man has allegedly been arrested for not wearing a mask on the same day the state ended it’s COVID-19 emergency guidelines.

On Tuesday, California ended it’s COVID-19 State of Emergency after following through on the state’s October plan revealed by Governor Gavin Newsom at the time. The timeline between October and February was scheduled to provide “flexibility to handle any potential surge that may occur after the holidays … in addition to providing state and local partners the time needed to prepare for this phaseout.”

The man, Jordan Henry, said he was arrested for trespassing at a Kaiser Permanente after not wearing a mask for an eye appointment for new glasses.

“Today I was ARRESTED FOR TRESPASSING in Pasadena CA because I wouldn’t wear a mask or leave a Kaiser facility for an eye appt,” Henry wrote in post sharing the video. “As of today, there is no more State of Emergency in CA, and this is still happening in 2023!

“Anyone know a good attorney in CA who will help me?”

“This was for an eye appointment to get new glasses, new prescription,” Henry began his video, noting the date was the official end to California’s COVID-19 State of Emergency. “Kaiser has very little justification, certainly legally, to require a mask. It’s purely a policy issue.”

“Regardless, they called the police on me,” Henry continued, detailing his interaction with two police officers and a sergeant — all of whom were not wearing masks. “I asked them why they weren’t and two of them did put on masks after that.”

The third officer who reportedly remained maskless thanked Henry for his efforts against wearing a mask.

“They instructed the nurse on staff to do a citizen’s arrest against me for trespassing because I refused to leave,” he continued. “I wanted to get medical service which they were refusing because of the mask.”

Henry said he was issued a citizen’s arrest for trespassing as police informed him he would be charged with resistance of arrest if he refused to leave. The man revealed he was issued a court date in late May regarding the incident.

“How ironic,” Henry said. “This is the state of affairs here today in California. If you resist, they will arrest you.”

“We have to look out for each other. We have to look out for our own individual liberties and this is significant,” Henry concluded. “Please pray for me. Please pray for America.”

Henry shared a link to a GoFundMe requesting financial assistance in his effort to hire an attorney to fight the misdemeanor.

“Together we can send a strong message to Kaiser and LA County to drop all COVID requirements. This must end NOW, and we must protect our rights!”

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to Jordan Henry as John Henry. In addition, the prior headline read “Man Says He Was Arrested In California For Not Wearing Mask On Day State Of Emergency Ended.”

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