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Majority of Voters Do Not Want Trump or Biden to Run in 2024, According to New Poll

The poll gauged registered voters' outlook on the nation's political landscape

A new poll shows voters are looking for new options ahead of the 2024 Presidential elections.

Conducted by Echelon Insights/Washington Examiner, the poll revealed only a third of registered voters would like either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump in the next election cycle.

The poll surveyed 1,016 registered voters between August 13 and August 18. The results found that not only do they not want Trump or Biden, but there is also no clear alternative front runner for either party.

When asked about a possible Trump campaign in 2024, 59% said no,  33% said yes, and 8% were unsure. In turn, 51% said no to a Biden re-election bid, while 34% said yes, and 15% were unsure.

Those polled were relatively politically engaged. About 81% said they were “extremely” or “very likely” to vote in the 2022 midterm elections.

Voters who identified themselves as Republican, or vote more regularly for Republicans than Democrats, were asked to say what stances were the most important to them.

“Putting America First” was the number one choice with a 46% selection rate. This was followed by “Protecting the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners,” “Defending the police from defunding,” “Supporting low taxes for individuals and businesses,” and “Promoting traditional family values.”

The majority of those who identified themselves as Democrats, or who more regularly vote for Democrats over Republicans, described themselves as “Moderate Democrats.” The second-largest group, 26%, said they were “Bernie Sanders-style” Democrats.

The coronavirus pandemic (23%), Jobs and the economy (16%), and Immigration (11%) were rated the top three biggest issues facing America today.

“The poll also found that 54% believe the country is on the wrong track, compared to 39% who said it was moving in the right direction, usually a troubling indicator for an incumbent,” notes The Washington Examiner.

President Biden’s approval rating fell below 50% this week following the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

An NBC News poll found “fewer Americans support Biden’s handling of the coronavirus and the economy now than they did last spring, and just a quarter of respondents approve of his handling of Afghanistan.”

The poll also found that respondents have become more pessimistic regarding coronavirus over the summer. The news outlet described the past few months as the “summer of discontent” for the President. 

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8 responses to “Majority of Voters Do Not Want Trump or Biden to Run in 2024, According to New Poll”

  1. Will_Was_Here says:

    I could go for that.

    I personally don’t want Trump to run simply because of the match it will light for the opposition. It could be said at this point with the way things are going there may not be as much opposition in 2024 though. You can only hide the truth for so long and people are finally stating to find out what is really going on.

  2. greygolem says:

    Desantis/Paul would get elected but I’d prefer Paul/Desantis as Republican or Paul/Gabbard as an independant 3rd party Unity Ticket, and let Paul go to town on the beureaucrats in leaning them out.

  3. JamoeCW says:

    shitty article that didn’t bother to check the sources. here is the actual poll (not the article that spun it):
    “16. [QTrump2024] Would you like to see Donald Trump run for President in 2024?
    1. Yes 33%
    2. No 59%
    3. Unsure 8%”
    that includes Democrats.
    DEMOCRATS [QParty=1-2 OR QPartyLean=1-2], ASK:
    18. [QTrumpGOP] Would you say you consider yourself to be primarily a supporter of Donald
    Trump, or a supporter of the Republican Party? [RANDOMIZE 1-2]
    1. Supporter of Donald Trump 50%
    2. Supporter of the Republican Party 43%
    3. I don’t support either one 4%
    4. Unsure 3%”
    that does not. as you can see 43% of the Republicans in the poll (which is less than Democrats) are establishment Republicans. even with that nearly 50% of those calling themselves Republicans in the left leaning poll back Trump, and only 36% were Republicans in the poll. that means that if voting strictly on party lines the answer (which the whole article is based on) would be 36% for Trump running in 2024. given that only 50% are ‘Trump Supporters’ then you would expect the number to be 18% if people didn’t like Trump for 2024, but it is almost double that.
    DEMOCRATS [QParty=1-2 OR QPartyLean=1-2], ASK:
    20. [Q2024GOPTrump] If the 2024 Republican presidential primaries were being held today
    and you had to make a choice, for whom would you vote? [RANDOMIZE SCALE 1-4, 4-1]
    1. Donald Trump, definitely 44%
    2. Donald Trump, probably 24%
    3. A different Republican candidate, probably 12%
    4. A different Republican candidate, definitely 12%
    5. Unsure 8%”
    and that exact question was asked in order to remove any doubt that i was in fact correct in my analysis versus some media hacks. 68% for Trump in 2024 for Republicans, and only 25% that he shouldn’t (the entire crux of the article). they did not ask Democrats if they would vote for Biden in 2024 (they did ask who they would vote for if he did not run among Democrat candidates).
    “ASK ALL:
    47. [QNews] Which, if any, of the following do you listen to, read, or watch to stay informed
    about current affairs and political news? Choose all that apply. [SELECT MULTIPLE]
    [RANDOMIZE 1-30]
    1. Local TV news 45%
    2. Facebook 34%
    3. CNN 31%
    4. ABC News 30%
    5. NBC News 28%
    6. Fox News 27%
    7. CBS News 26%
    8. Local newspaper 22%
    9. Local radio news 18%
    10. MSNBC 17%
    11. Twitter 16%
    12. Instagram 16%
    13. The New York Times 15%
    14. PBS 13%
    15. The Washington Post 12%
    16. NPR 12%
    17. USA Today 11%
    18. Podcasts 11%
    19. Yahoo News 10%
    20. The Wall Street Journal 9%
    21. Talk radio 9%
    22. Reddit 9%
    23. Huffington Post 8%
    24. Newsmax 7%
    25. Reuters 5%
    26. OAN 4%
    27. Univision 3%
    28. Breitbart 2%
    29. Vox 2%
    30. Telemundo 2%
    31. Something else (Please specify) 4%
    32. None of these 6%”
    and this tells you who the demographic is who participated in the web poll (the most important part of any poll data).

  4. Stand4America25 says:

    I just don’t believe this, Trump is still very very popular

  5. LastPlaceProdigy says:

    No one caught how the majority of democrat respondents claimed they were moderate and then said they were Bernie Sanders democrats. WTF is moderate about him.

  6. UppityG says:

    @Turk, just more proof that asking people to assess their own level of being clued in, savvy, phosistication, is asking them to repeat to you the lie they first tell themselves. lol Have you tried sharing some of Pool’s stuff with them? He’s milquetoast so I’d think he’d be easy for them to listen to, as a gateway to the more complicated stuff. 2024 is still a ways off, so we’ll see. Gonna go fire up the livestream, see ya there.

  7. Turk_Longwell says:

    UppityG, yo after 2016 and 2020 elections the pollsters got everything wrong. 535 and that Frank guy, both all high and mighty, have been way wrong.
    I also am curious who they talked to, but shit, a lot of my family are super Normies and don’t even know who DeSantis is. Some older folks now who Nikki Haley and like her, which is crazy in itself.

    I like your Candidate choices. I used to think that maybe Trump shouldn’t run and get someone like DeSantis or Noem or some other strong America First Liberty minded republican who’s backed by Trump. Now I realize that it doesn’t matter who they have running for Pres., the Left will hate hate and hate some more anyone that’s not a Dem.

  8. UppityG says:

    “[N]o clear alternative front runner for either party”? Where have these allegedly attentive, likely to vote, respondents been for the past year, Timbuktu? DeSantis did not ring a bell for any of the Rs? Srsly?

    Esp after learning more about the whole polling industry from Robert Barnes and Richard Barris, I increasingly regard “a new recent poll” with more skepticism than ever. It’s too much like asking an employee how they like their boss, with the boss standing right there.

    Trump/DeSantis 2024. Or Trump/Candace Owens 2024. Or DeSantis/? 2024.

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