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Libs Of TikTok Creator To Release Children's Picture Book Discussing Predatory Educators

'I Wanted To Do The Next Step, Which Is To Give Parents And Children A Tool That They Can Use To Actually Be Able To Spot Predatory Behavior'

Libs of Tik Tok creator Chaya Raichik is releasing a children’s book in March.

Raichik’s book, “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern” will explore the dangers of children keeping secrets from their parents.

The story features a lamb in second-grade named Rose, whose teacher, Mr. Wooly, is focused on giving his students candy instead of teaching a standard curriculum. Mr. Wooly, who is a wolf, encourages students not to tell their parents about giving them sweets.

Rose is faced with the challenge of following her teacher’s instructions or informing her parents about what her teacher is doing.

The picture book is aimed at children ages 4-8 and will be released through Brave Books.

“I wanted to do the next step, which is to give parents and children a tool that they can use to actually be able to spot predatory behavior,” Raichik told the New York Post.

“This book basically teaches children that if there is a trusted adult or an authority who’s telling you to keep secrets from your parents…then that is a big red flag,” said Raichik, who previously was a real estate agent in Brooklyn, New York.

Raichik’s story incorporates the idiom of a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” in which a dangerous antagonist expresses predatory behavior while assuming the façade of a benevolent friend or mentor.

“No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern” appears to provide social commentary on an increasing talking point of schools being a “safe space” for children as some teachers insist on exploring controversial topics of gender expression and sexuality.

Raichik previously ran her social media accounts anonymously under her profile’s name “Libs of TikTok.”

In April 2022, Washington Post writer Taylor Lorenz revealed the Libs of TikTok creator’s personally identifiable information by including a link that revealed Raichik’s workplace address in an original story. The Washington Post writer was criticized for “doxxing,” which is the act of posting sensitive, personal information online as a means of punishing or harassing the intended target by inviting trolls to abuse them.

The link was subsequently removed from the article after the Washington Post “deemed it unnecessary,” the Post reported.

Although Raichik’s information was released by Lorenz, the Libs of TikTok creator had not publicly revealed her identity until a late December interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

“When my account started growing, I realized the hatred that the Left has and their violent nature, and I was like, ‘I am going to remain anonymous’ … and I have remained anonymous until my account was doxxed,” Raichik told Carlson. “I never did any in-person events, and I’m choosing to do that now because I feel like, over the past few months, I’ve done so much.”

“I’ve helped educate people. I know that I’ve helped create legislation to tackle some of these issues, and I think I’ve done all I can, and I am ready for the next step,” she concluded. “I was restrained from doing all of those things [while being anonymous], and I’m ready to do them. I think that I’ll be a lot more effective when I’m not so anonymous anymore, and I’m excited.”

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